Monday, March 31, 2008

ZOO News

Well I went to work Saturday and Sunday at the Dallas Zoo. My job was to work the Stingray Exhibit. This was such an awesome exhibit. I had to touch them and feed them that way I could help all the people who came thru to do the same thing. Now the ones at the Zoo have all been trimmed from their barnacles and can no longer sting anyone. They are slimey to the touch and feeding them is fun. you hold the food between your fingers with your hand out flat and they come along and suck the food from your hand.


This was such a good turnout. Everyone raised over $4600 to give to the family. I'm glad I could be a part of this. I don't know Leticia however I do know she's family and she's my family. That's all that mattered to me.

Vica and Nathalie had soo much fun. We won, 2 cakes on the cake wheel, Nathalie won a GC for Starbucks, 12 GC for Subway 6" sub, $25.00 in Taco Casa Money. WOOHOO Vica, won a Dallas Cowboy Blanket, and a Mary Kay perfume set. I won $25.00 in Taco Casa Money, 4 box tickets to the Fort Worth Cats Baseball Game, coffee maker.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I had forgotten what it was like to be sick.....I mean SICK! I woke Wednesday morning all ready to take neice to work and sister to airport and lo and behold I had to run to the bathroom. Not a pretty sight. Then on the way I had to stop two or three times more and it was coming from both doors. I got to work about 6am and well had to head home, got to the house and had to call my boss, can't make it. I laid in bed under covers with 103 fever and vomit and other. I have no idea what time my daughter got home or my neice and nephew, thank god i had arranged for a ride for Bina before I snoozed away.
I do remember trying to open my eyes, I kept hearing someone call my name and it felt like someone was somewhat shaking me very lightly, almost a nudge. I kept seeing my sister Mira telling me to wake up, but in my head i knew she was in Cali. I finally opened my eyes and the clock in her room showed 230 and i looked around and she was gone. i guess i dozed off again because then someone else was waking me asking how am i getting to work. that was my neice, Bina. I said i will, i tried to sit up but my whole body was very very weak and I could hardly stand sitting for my hips were in much pain, i guess from laying on my side all day and night. Well, i made it to her job and then mine, i had to leave early, i couldn't stand the pain in my arms, hips, legs, chest, lower back. I mean it felt like someone had beatn the holy crap out of me. sheesh!
Well, today I feel much better, have a bad cough and sore chest and upper back, but much better than the previous 2 days.
I also remember that on Tuesday night prior to me getting sick, me and Miranda went and played Bingo and I BINGO'D twice on one game. I had not one but TWO winning cards. WOOHOO!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok my younger sister is heading off to a conference for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Ontario, CA and I am babysitting a 19 yr old, 15 or 16 and 13 yr old. The great news is that I get to watch TRUE TV for the rest of the week!! woohoo

I start work Saturday from 9am to 5pm at the Dallas Zoo, I am so so excited to have a part-time job.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I got a part-time job working Saturdays and Sundays at the Dallas Zoo!!!!!!! Pays very good too!! prob

HEHE. Well Saturday morning came and went. Me and my sister arrived about 730 met up with her friends headed to the start line and well we started. For the first 1k of the way it was good however her friends had taken off and left us behind, i would have stayed with her friends BUT NOOOOOO slow poke Rodriguez just couldn't walk that fast. Nonetheless we finished at 59:49s. Not too bad.

Afterwards we headed to OKIE, i was just going for the ride and to watch her, not a payday weekend :). She came back losing :( oh well maybe next time.

I hear the weather was beautiful for Easter, I slept all damn day. NOOOO I didn't not go out Saturday night. I got home Saturday about 7pm after picking up Vica and taking her to her Dad's house. Got home baked me 4 cookes, got a glass of milk watched a movie and turned off all my lights and went to bed about 10pm. woke up Sunday Big Mike left to go who knows where and I decided I would just stay home. Slept all day well at least til Big Mike got back.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm so so jealous. Vica calls me about twice a day to check in with me while on her trip. This morning she called, We're at Universal studios!! I'm so glad that she could go with her friend and have a great time and make it memorable for Destiny. :) I'll post pics once i get them from here.

Who'd driving?

OH that damn rain! Well, got to at least make it to get Mom to the Plano Center before the water came down at 7:30am.

Had several stops to make this morning and man were there accidents galore. I mean what the hell are people thinking or ar they not thinking. I was off Woodall Rogers on service road downtown, 2 right lane to turn right. i was on inside lane other pu in outside lane. light turned green and i attempted to make a right turn fropm my lane but noooooooooo that man had to have his way to go straight. If I had not stepped on my brake then we would have colllided!!

People Wake UP!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

To Straighten or Not

Well this past Friday I had my hair colored and the lady styled it straight.

I sort of like it. But I like my curls more. :)

Victoria left Saturday all packed and ready to go. She called me when she arrived in LA, AL, and then when they finally got to Georgia. So far good.

I washed my truck Saturday and then headed to Club Rodeo with Victor, I was home by midnight, then got the munchies, so went out and got some tacos, oooh they are sooo good at Taco Loco in East Dallas. Saw some friends there and we got to talking and next thing I know it's almost 4am woohoo.

Got up Sunday, treated myself to go see I Am Legend with Will Smith. Good movie but why did it have to make me cry? sniffle sniffle. Afterwards, heading to pick up Richard Lopez, then over to Mijas (sisters) we all went in her car to Improv to see Fluffy (gabriel iglesias) OMG he can be so funny. show was over by 9 however he kept on til about 10ish. then headed home and took rich home and stopped and got michael something to eat, he slept all day. When i arrived home I decided I would sleep on Vica's bed. alarm sounds at 245, man i was sleeping GOOD in her bed too. oh well time to start the day and week!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost time

Well, I went and met with Debbie last night. Debbie is Destiny's mother who Vica is going to Georgia with. Very nice people and they are most definately going to Universal Studios. I know Vica is excited and I'm excited for her. My baby is growing up.

Last night me and Vica went to see College Road Trip with Martin Lawerence and Raven Symone. I really liked it. I hope one day I can take Vica to her College and allow her to follow her dreams.

Gabe called, Jane is doing good baby is too. He told me that he had his head laying on Jane's stomach listening to the baby and Jane said "Man Gabriel you have a big head, how did your mom get you out?!" LOL how funny.

It's Friday and I doubt I will be signing on over the weekend so til Monday, have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Chance to help...

My cousin Leticia Rodriguez has only been given a couple of months to live at ths time.

Leticia Rachael Rodriguez was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. She has 4 children, Celina 16, Virginia 15, Suzanne 12, and Angelina 8. She is currently battling Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia. She was first diagnosed in Nov. 2006 and went into remission on June 2007. In December 2007 she was hospitalized with a relapse. In February 2008 she was released from the hospital after undergoing many blood transfusions and receiving platelts. At this time she is awaiting acceptance from the MD Anderson Facility in Houston for treatments to extend her life and/or place her back in remission. Our prayers and thoughts are with her and her children every day.

We are having a Fundraising Benefit for my cousin and I am asking my friends if you wouldn't mind in helping in any way it would be greatly aprpeciated. We are looking for anything that we can raffle or include in our silent auction. You can also make a monetary donation payable to: K.C. 4709 and I will be more than happy to pick this up from you or you can mail it to me at 2121 W Airport Frwy #380, Irving, TX 75062

For those of you who would like to attend the Benefit here is the info:
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
DANCE: 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM
K.C. 4709

To all my friends, I thank you all in advance for any help you can provide in helping to make my cousins days a bit brighter and put a smile on her face.



A friend of mine sent me this link and I truly enjoyed it. Hope everyone does as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vica's Once in a Lifetime

I picked up Vica yesterday and she had something to ask me. I kind of figured this out by the way she said hello and asked how my day was? Her school friend, Destiny, asked if she could go to Georgia with her for Spring Break. Of course the first question to pop into my mind is "did her mother say she could ask you to go?"

Well, I told her to call her friend so I could talk to the mother and set up a time to meet this week. Sure enough the mom called and explained how this came about. They make this trip every so often to see Destiny's grandfather. However, this year Destiny, being 13 years old, feels the trip won't be fun just her and her mother. So mom offered her to invite a friend and she asked Vica. How cool is that.

Anyway, according to mom, her dad had been sick and is feeling better and she wants to go see him. So they will be traveling to Columbus, GA and if her dad feels up to it, they will be going to Orlanda, Fl to Nick studios and Disney World! Man, why couldn't I get my Vacation now? :)

Anyway, after a long talk with Victoria and the rules, I have agreed to let her go. The best part of course is that all she needs is extra spending money. Destiny's mom will be covering all costs for food and fun. OMGatos! btw: I will be meeting Destiny's mom thursday so we can meet and exchange numbers and addresses and what not.

A full week to myself? Could it be? What to do? OH What to do?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

What a relaxing weekend! Got to see some friends and one of them is getting married so I got to go to the bachelorette party. woohoo! Got to see Michael this weekend, that was the highlight of my weekend! Me and Hortensia with her man, Ruben, went to have lunch on Sunday. Not a good experience.

I ask, what is so damn hard about giving good customer service?!?! We ate at Plaza Del Sol in Garland. Took the waitress about 15mins to bring our drinks, then another 10 to take our order. I ordered bean and cheese nachos, now when have you ever seen nachos in a restaurant with cheese sauce over them? So it begins! I got up to return my plate and the lady looks at me dumbfounded. I asked, "Do you not have shredded cheddar to put on my nachos?" She's like HUH? oh yes, do you want shredded? I said "yes" ok I'll bring to you.

Now we are well into a 30 minute visit already and they bring my nachos back, correct, and they bring Hortensia food, we don't start eating til everyone has their food. Me and her have always dones this. 9 mins later her man's food get's there. I told Hortensia that if my food was cold by the time they brought his I was saying something! It was still ok so I kept quiet. Now Ruben needs a refill and he sat there and waited and waited and waited. I finally got up AGAIN and took his glass to the waitress. Well, we finally finished and we're leaving of course we are waiting for the tab and nothing, so we get up go to the cashier and told him we needed our tab that we never rec'd it. He mentions "oh well just tell me what you had" Of course I spoke up because by then I'm pissed. I said "you mean that I have to remember what the hell I ate?" I said "First, my food is made wrong, second we wait before we can eat because his plate was brought 9 mins after ours, third I have to get up and get his refill, by this time I'm thinking I should get the tip, AND now you want me to remember what the hell we ate?!? I said NO, if you want us to pay you for the poor service we have rec'd then you call our waitress and have her TELL you what we ate. Now mind you we ate on the patio where there were few other patrons. But the cashier was inside and it was a packed little place so by this time everyone is turning their heads. No sooner had I said those words when he was waving at our waitress, gave us our total and charged us on 1/2. Then he goes to mention if your service was bad then just don't leave her a tip, I looked at him and said is that how you fix the poor service? Because if it is then what do I do with you seeing as you aren't giving an "A" performance either? Of course he didn't say a damn thing and told me to have a nice day. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!

Friday, March 7, 2008

What to do?

Well, today is hell at the office. I can't seem to get a grip on everything I have on my desk. ARGHH!

Last night went to see mom, she's feeling much better and breathing alot easier. Doc says maybe she can come home today. :)

Woke up this morn and found snow 3 inches deep in our backyard, Boots had a blast running through it with Vica! Drove Vica to school and nothing on roads, thank goodness! Drive to work was even better. Whew!

Now, remember my girlfriend who took a beating? Well, another friend of mine called me last night crying that she didn't know what to do. Her so- call boyfriend is seeing another woman. Of course I told her to drop his ass, her response - But he owes me money! OMG it's not the end of the world. Drop his ass and tell him straight out how much he owes you and when you expect it. If he doesn't pay, you won't die and you sure as hell won't go broke seeing as he is still going to owe the money whether you drop his ass or not. Of course she finally said I'll just tell him to stop seeing her. How is it my friends can be so stupid and blind? I do give plenty of thanks to GOD that I am not weak in this department. There is no way in hell that I would stay with a guy just cause he owes me money. The hell with him! Of course if he owed me a good bit of money then I would have to get up in his face from time to time to remind him that come payday he needs to pay up. I don't mind payments! :)

I've said it once and I'll say it again. I won't be the first in line nor the second, I'm either the only one or none. Woman & Men will be abused for as long as they allow it to continue. Stop the violence and just say NO!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Man I hate it when I'm right. Well, yesterday me and my boss sat down and discussed what is going to be done about Ana. It seems that Ana doesn't do everything 100% as requested and she tells the boss otherwise when asked if she's completed certain tasks.

Well, yesterday I found an insured who's policy x'd in January and no notice in the file BUT Ana processed as a cancelled file and did't bother to contact the insd seeing as we still have her home, to see if she would like to replace the policy. OMG does she have ANY common sense?

OK, OK let me calm down. Yes I don't like doing double work BUT i hate it even more when it's someon else's freaking mistake. In the three years that I've been at this agency I have made mistakes however none like this. My mistakes have always been maybe misquoting someone or going past a followup date on requested information. I need help seriously! Someone that can do what I do, basically a twin/clone of me!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm so proud of myself. I actually created something on the web without anyone's help.

This is the link to our web page for Martin Masonry! How cool!

A full schedule............and then some

Whew! I just noticed how busy I am going to be this month.
03/16 - Gabriel Iglesias @ The Addison Improv
03/17 - Simply Ballroom @ the Morton Myerson
03/22 - The Borden Uptown 5k
03/23 - Easter (Already?)
03/29 - Benefit for Leticia Rodriguez (Ft Worth/Cousin)

And I just found out my sister who works for Mary Kay, Inc corporate office is heading up the bowling committee :) how cool!

Last night me and Mira (sis) were heading to bingo, didn't have anything else to do, as we're parking my phone rings, Daniela (sis) calls stating that mom was being rushed to hospital, Baylor Irving, having trouble breathing. So here we go, so much for bingo! I just know we were going to hit the jackpot too! :)

Anyway, we arrived and clearly mom was having trouble getting a deep breath. Well, nurses came in did EKG, bloodwork, took them long enough to get blood drawn, gave her some nitro, xrays, etc. All said and done..........Fluid in the lungs. She missed dialysis yesterday morning due to getting sick. So they admitted her, however no room full, have you ever heard of such a thing? LOL

This morning she is in dialysis and says that she's feeling much better. mentioned that maybe they weren't taking enough fluid during her regular dialysis and it built up. could be.

Update: My aunt who had difficulty swallowing is now back home and doing much better however she can't eat solid food. Has to be the consistency of honey. But much better.

OH! March is also when I have a trip scheduled to San Marcos!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have lost!!

As of yesterday I have lost 3lbs and 1 inch!! How cool! I have started using my slendertone belt when I use my ab lounger so it should help.

Now other news - :)

Ok my niece has decided against doing anything about her "Boyfriend" being responsible thru the courts of course me and her mother don't agree with her but what can we do?

Last week my son yelled some ugly remarks to me without reason, which caused me to go ballistic and it's been a while since i've gone ballistic because i really am trying not to lose it and think straight but this took the cake after everything that me and him have gone thru in the past two years. Well, he went to his aunt's on Thursday and decided on his own to stay the night. Then Friday he calls and TELLS me that he's going to a friends house for the weekend. I stated that he needed to come home and he stated that I needed to cool off. So I gave him a choice to make. I stated that he will respect me and my house while living under my roof. Advised that if he defies me and still goes to friends then he needs to find somewhere else to live. Well, he still went to his friends and so now he's looking for a place to live. Do i feel good about this? Hell NO! I didn't ever want to put my son out but what do I do? I promised myself that I would never abuse my children, which I have not, and I promised that I would never be abused again whether physically or verbally. I have never called my children names or demean them in any way to make them feel like they are a nobody. But I also believe that while any child being of age to work lives in parents home without contribution, should and will respect them or get out.

I know that some of my family may be reading this and may not agree with me however, you don't know the feeling til you have acutally experienced it. I love my son with all my heart and if i'm hard on him is because I see so much potential and I know he can succeed and I don't want anyone taking advantage of him. However, I have learned that my son is determined to learn some things the hard way and he will. I will just step back and pray for him.