Friday, November 21, 2008


So Farmers, the lady who hit me has insurance with Farmers, accepts liability and has proceeded with my claim. They are to estimate my dmg to my truck and we now have a medical claim for Michael and myself.

Lord give me patience as I deal with this situation.

I ask for patience because I deal with this all day at work from my clients side who have trouble with adjusters all the time. I, so far have a very nice adjuster who has been very informative and has tried to really help me get through this.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


OK so yesterday after work driving home, son with me. I usually take 35 south and exit Continental and cut thru Downtown Dallas to access woodall to avoid the traffic. Well, yesterday as I was entering the entrance ramp to Woodall from Field, I come to a stop for traffic in front of me and after I stop I looked in my rearview mirror to see if I have a vehicle behind me and sure enough there is one approaching me and I notice this fool is not going to stop. Sure enough, WHAM! from behind.

Talk about being stiff and sore this morning. No damage to my vehicle, bumper has been pushed down but no damage to it either.

Michael complained of a bad headache and sore neck, he wasn't braced like I was and took it by surprise. So now I have one more thing to deal with right before holidays arghhh.

Other note: Manager called me from the Sonic and also apologized and said that he took that store over about 2 -3 weeks ago and noticed that business had fallen and is trying to turn the store around. Very nice and he said he hopes to see me again and that when I do visit again to make sure to ask for him so he can meet me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sonic has me for life!

Ok last Friday, Ana my coworker made a trip to Sonic on N Beltline Rd to get us a brown bag special. She ordered her burger with no onion, no pickle and mine was to be Plain with cheese only, 1 fry, 1 tater tot, 2 drinks. She gets back to the office and I took mine out of the bag, it had a special sticker on it, well it wasn't plain and hers had onions and pickles.

So I return to the Sonic and pushed the red order button, I requested someone come out to correct my order. I was (not) greeted by a very unfriendly person, explained what was wrong and had to explain to this person three times before she understood what was wrong with my order, yes she spoke good english. Goes inside, comes back out gives me my order, corrected, and turns her back and proceeds to the next vehicle.

I didn't get so much as a Hello, what seems to be the problem, thank you, absolutely NOTHING. Well, I got back to the office and sat my butt at my computer and looked up the owner to the Sonic and wrote them a letter explaining my entire visit and so forth.

Well, today a older gentleman paid me a visit and it was the OWNER to the Sonic Restaurant I had complained about. What a wonderful man! he just couldn't apologize enough to me for what happen. And repeatedly asked what can I do for you, I want to keep your business. He said that the manager should have come out when I mentioned I needed my order corrected. He has several Sonics and has 800 employees, said might be 799 after he visits that store, and took time from his day to pay me a visit! I love it! He guaranteed me a gift card in the mail seeing as he rushed over when he rec'd my letter in the mail, apparently the address I sent it to went straight to his home address, and didn't stop to get a GC on his way. That is what I call AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AN OWNER who cares about one person when he serves thousands on a daily basis thru his business.

As he left he mentioned that hopefully I would continue to visit his Sonic and have made a friend for life.

Thanks Dick Lear you have made my week!

Do my ears decieve me?

I heard on the radio this morning that gas is $1.66 in Irving. I work in Irving! So I anxiously wait til lunch time and look up at and YES it is $1.66 / gallon. At the Kroger at 635 on MacArthur. So I head out and I remembered that I have been shopping at Kroger, my Kroger card is on my keyring and so I get my gas for $1.56/gal!!!!!

It's a very good day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a weekend

Friday me, mom, Daniela, Miranda and Al headed over to the Starplex to watch Mama Mia and oh what a GREAT MOVIE!!!! Even Al loved it! Saturday morn headed over to sisters to get her and mom with JoJo to head over to Six Flags.

We try to make this every year since my younger sister started with the Mary Kay Corp. They have their company picnic there each year so it's a private event where the park is closed to the public and only Mary Kay employees and family and friends who purchase those special tickets get in. That means lines are so short you can ride almost all the rides within a two hour span!

The last ride we got on was the great wooden coaster "THE TEXAS GIANT". front seat for me and Al. We rode this ride 4 times without leaving our seats!

Sunday, headed over to my friend's house Ceci, her daughter is doing good since she was just released from the hospital due to some heart trouble and being in there for a month and a half. Then headed to Daniela's to help organize her coupons but we got sidetracked with sales and headed to the stores. I was able to buy groceries for $30 and that included 6 bottles cooking oil, 6 boxes cereal, 6 boxes of Quaker chewy bars, 3 4lb bags sugar, 10 cans of dog food, 2 5lb bag cat food, foil, 7 pkgs of cupcakes baking cups, 6 old fashion oatmeal. Then headed over to Albertson's and got 36 cans of tomatoe sauce, 6 boxes of the 14oz+ of Kelloggs cereal for $5.00!! Then I headed home, unloaded and headed back out with my Glade coupons for the warmers and double refill packs. CVS has sale and my coupon was buy one refill get warmer free, plus CVS gives you money back on these. So for aobut $15.00 out of pocket I rec'd 17 of the Warmers (4.99 - 7.99), 17 double pack refills. I saved $166.66 by using my coupons and their Extra care bucks. After my late night of shopping I settled down with a nice bowl of ice cream, watched a repeated Dateline and finally headed to bed at 3 a.m.

This morning I get up head to work and start the week again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a good day

Today was not a good day, I cried and bit my tongue and almost walked out on my job today. Ok, we have a million dollar home client whose policy went up by 25% due to the company have two rate revisions in the past year. This happens to be my boss' cousin. Now mind you I don't treat my clients any differently if they family, friends or whoever. But according to my boss I should have been on top of this policy more than 3 weeks ago, BUT my boss doesn't want me to talk to this insured either. GO figure!

Now we have another client whose policy is in jep due to agency error, yes I said agency error. This policy's premium doesn't compare to the million dollar home but to me they are both equally important. Now my boss lost a client today and calls us into the office to give the "I need my messages" lecture. This happens to lead to the discussion about which policy is priorty. UM YEAH! I walked away when he touched that subject and he's like "are you walking away?" I said NO I'm not but I'm not having this conversation with you either. I'm tired of you doing the who's important and who's not bit!! Then I left for about a 10 min lunch, hell I was too mad to even eat.

Lord please give me the strength to continue this day and prepare me Lord for what comes my way. Amen!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, this weekend was a very beautiful one with gorgeous weather. Saturday, got up raked leaves in our yard and my aunt's house next door. Altogether we bagged 8 bags of leaves. Then we took our turns in the shower to get ready for our family pics with a photographer. My cousin is a photographer and we were happy to help in helping her get her portfolio together by adding our pics to it.

We met up with her at a park over off Campbell in Richardson and it had a waterfall and beautiful Fall colors all around. We took several shots of me, Vica and Al. Maria, my cousin, took several of Vica on her own and I love the way they looked. It'll be about 2-3 weeks to get them but once I get them I'll post.

Sunday, washed clothes and clipped and organized my coupons for the week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clearance everywhere

OMGatos! Night before last I stopped at CVS for some personal items and found their Halloween clearance table. Everything was 90% off!! I purchased like 10 lipsticks (red & black), 2 witches hats (very cute), 2 skull signs w/eyes that light, foam bracelet kits, 6 bxs of 6 sidewalk bag lights, 5 9ft pumpkin LED light, 5 of the stuff a pumpkin, spider bags, 15 glo bracelets & necklaces, 2 4ft blow ups of frankie & a ghost, 1 tombstone, 5 jason masks, 1 scream mask, spider ring, goth necklace all for under $20!!!

Then I headed over to Alberstons and they have their stuff on clearance as well. Only 75% but still a good sale, got a few things there too. I figured I'm set for next Halloween to decorate my yard the proper Halloween way! =)

Last night I took mom to the grocery store and I found some good deals at Kroger
3 liter ozarka water .50
powerade .50
carnation milk .50 (free w/my Q)
swiss miss hot choc .50

Hell I made out like a bandit, oh and did I mention I bought 20 tubes of Colgate toothpaste for $1.08? Gotta love it!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, today everyone who votes will decide who our new Prez will be. I for one am registered to vote however, I don't plan to vote. I will however, be working the elections this evening.

Alot of my friends ask why I don't vote and to me it's very simple. I don't believe in anything either has to say or offer, therefore why vote for something you don't believe in.

Now I may push some buttons on this topic with anyone who reads my blog, but this is me talking and it's what I think and believe.

Why vote if you aren't in agreement with either party, just to say you voted. My friends tell me "you should be proud to be American, you get a chance to vote and let your voice be heard." well, yes i could but i have yet to hear a candiate where it makes me say or think 'I NEED TO VOTE FOR HIM'. If I don't vote then I don't have a reason to gripe when things get bad. Now whoever gets elected and should he make a difference in his coming four years and I feel he would be right for another four years then if he should be on the ballot again at the next election, given I still live, then I might vote.

The same thing with Church. I don't go to church. I believe in God and Lord Jesus Christ, I have faith, I pray, I partake of his body and blood everyday with every meal he provides me with. However, growing up going to church every week, the older I got the more I noticed that more than 50% of the church I was going to were hypocrites. You preach one thing but live another. Now, I'm not a perfect Christian, however, I don't pretend to be either. As I said before, I pray and I've been tested by my Lord, But I have also been rewarded.

To me Church is a building where people gather to "worship" the Lord, however, my house is my Church.

Happy Voting!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween.....not the same =(

Well, I got to dress up again this year as always but this year was different. I got to hand out candy for the time in my life. I even bought Boots a little costume. I wore a black dress, black cape, 3-headed skull cane, with spider choker, some make-up and ready to go. Picture a little table with candy basket, pumpkin, small candle and a goblet with "blood" to drink.

Halloween is NOT the same as it was before. There was maybe 4 houses giving out candy on our block. When I was small, you could go to each and every house to collect candy and you would get bags full. Now it's like no one wants to give any candy out and I know some of them might be because of the weirdos out there but because of them the little ones have to pay. How sad.

Maybe next year I can get the whole neighborhood in on it. Here's to wishful thinking!