Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

What a relaxing weekend! Got to see some friends and one of them is getting married so I got to go to the bachelorette party. woohoo! Got to see Michael this weekend, that was the highlight of my weekend! Me and Hortensia with her man, Ruben, went to have lunch on Sunday. Not a good experience.

I ask, what is so damn hard about giving good customer service?!?! We ate at Plaza Del Sol in Garland. Took the waitress about 15mins to bring our drinks, then another 10 to take our order. I ordered bean and cheese nachos, now when have you ever seen nachos in a restaurant with cheese sauce over them? So it begins! I got up to return my plate and the lady looks at me dumbfounded. I asked, "Do you not have shredded cheddar to put on my nachos?" She's like HUH? oh yes, do you want shredded? I said "yes" ok I'll bring to you.

Now we are well into a 30 minute visit already and they bring my nachos back, correct, and they bring Hortensia food, we don't start eating til everyone has their food. Me and her have always dones this. 9 mins later her man's food get's there. I told Hortensia that if my food was cold by the time they brought his I was saying something! It was still ok so I kept quiet. Now Ruben needs a refill and he sat there and waited and waited and waited. I finally got up AGAIN and took his glass to the waitress. Well, we finally finished and we're leaving of course we are waiting for the tab and nothing, so we get up go to the cashier and told him we needed our tab that we never rec'd it. He mentions "oh well just tell me what you had" Of course I spoke up because by then I'm pissed. I said "you mean that I have to remember what the hell I ate?" I said "First, my food is made wrong, second we wait before we can eat because his plate was brought 9 mins after ours, third I have to get up and get his refill, by this time I'm thinking I should get the tip, AND now you want me to remember what the hell we ate?!? I said NO, if you want us to pay you for the poor service we have rec'd then you call our waitress and have her TELL you what we ate. Now mind you we ate on the patio where there were few other patrons. But the cashier was inside and it was a packed little place so by this time everyone is turning their heads. No sooner had I said those words when he was waving at our waitress, gave us our total and charged us on 1/2. Then he goes to mention if your service was bad then just don't leave her a tip, I looked at him and said is that how you fix the poor service? Because if it is then what do I do with you seeing as you aren't giving an "A" performance either? Of course he didn't say a damn thing and told me to have a nice day. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!

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