Monday, July 28, 2008

Hell @'s cooler outside

Ok coming into our office building I felt the rush of HOT air. Not a good sign! I stepped into the elevator and again, not a good sign. Up to the 3rd floor, elevator opens and OMG I almost choke it's so freaking HOT! I called maintenance and find out the A/C is completely out and won't be fixed today. WHAT?!?!?!?! Apparently major problem and this was reported Saturday but NO one could come out til today and look at it and then to find out it can't be fixed til tomorrow.

Yep it's Monday alright!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Georgia......Day Three.....Coming Home

Ok so on Saturday of our trip, we celebrated Jane's 17th birthday! We also visited the Tallulah Falls Gorge. It was beautiful! There is a hike completely around with 10 overlooks along the way. There is also a suspension bridge where you have go down 300+ steps and then go back up on the other side 300+ steps. Talk about a workout but it was worth it and never once did I give up.

The trip home was ok, I only had to deal with two drivers and the the second one was woman driver who was just as nice as could be. We arrived an hour late but at least she was nice. Got to the bus station, headed to sister's and then off to work.

I'm so ready for Georgia trip #2 in September!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on Gaylord

I went and had breakfast last Wednesday and had a wonderful time. The Gaylord is very nice and the food was good as well. I love some of the structure materials that were used. Being in the Mason industry with Martin for 7 years I've learned to appreciate rock and stone. The way the two combined look on some buildings is just beautiful! Yes the Gaylord has a small western theme to it. The carpet is beautiful and the small river inside is nice.

UPDATE ON law was released this past Wednesday as well. I did receive a call from the Hospital director apologizing for the events that have taken place between my family and the staff and should I require their services again to make sure to visit the director's office to receive VIP service.

Georgia.....Day Two

Sorry but been busy. Ok so day 2 of our mini vacation we went to Black Rock State Park at the top of mountain.

This is a beautiful view from the top at 3460 feet elevation

We went on a trail hike that was 2.2 miles long and yes it was along the side of the mountain so some more up and down, and inclines that my poor feet were just wanting so bad to quick but I kept on and made it. yeahhhhh

We had a picnic up at the top where the visitors center is and then headed back home. Later that evening, we walked again up and down the road back at the house.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Georgia Trip - Day One

Bus left on time and we arrived on time. Throughout the trip I was witness to rude people once we crossed Texas State line. I've never traveled East of Texas further than Louisana. The bus drivers were rude, the other passengers were rude, the personnel at the terminals were rude and not once did anyone in the terminals say THANK YOU. One lady that was sitting behind Vica on the bus yelled at her because Vica had reclined her seat back and the lady yelled "No No you're on my lap" and no she wasn't a big lady. I turned immediately and looked at her with the most "Excuse me Bitch" look I could but 1/2 my tongue got bit off too. Vica immediately put her seat back up and I told her to recline it 1/2 way back again and I turned back to the lady and gave her a look that said "I dare you say something" I was wishing she would and no not to bite the other 1/2 of my tongue but to just let it out!

We arrived on time and Diane was there to pick us up. We drove home, home is 3/4 mile from the main highway all UPHILL. They live on the side of a mountain. Diane had told me that after we ate dinner we could walk to the DQ where Gabe was working the closing shift. I easily said yes seeing as she said it was within walking distance. OMGatos! We walked to DQ and yeah 3/4 mile is within walking distance and it was all downhill and then coming back was all UPHILL again and talk about getting my excerise! I made it though and boy were my feet hurting, my legs were trembling, not for long but they were. Later we went and picked up Gabe, in the car of course, came back and stayed in for the night.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Georgia here I come..

Well, it's official! I'm leaving Wednesday evening for Georgia to go see my oldest son, Gabe. I'm realy excited to get to visit another state and have found that it's acutally like driving to Monterrey so that means in the future it could be a weekend trip, in a small car of course =).

Anyway I'm leaving on Greyhound Wed night and return Monday at 6am. Gabe says it's beautiful and they live in the mountains!

Another subject........why can't I go somewhere public without getting into it about rules and so forth? Ok an in-law family member is in the hospital and has been there for TWO weeks. We have abided by the rules to not let children under 12 in. Yesterday.......several and I mean several children went and came during my 4 hour visit waiting in the waiting room. Ok.......didn't say anything HOWEVER as soon as my nieces and nephews showed up I said take them in other children have been allowed in. Well, just as soon as they went in here they come. They were told not children allowed! So of course I get up and march straight to the nurses station and start. First they want to tell me they didn't see the other children. Well, that's bullshit because the other children all had ballons and flowers and there were approx 7 of them. I hate to go to this area of the subject BUT all the other kids were black, all the nurses at the nurses station were black and a woman and her two kids were turned back around also and they were white and my familia is of Mexican descent. Even though I hate to say it but I think it was a thing of skin. This morning I marched right into the Director office and had a word with them. Of course the head honchos aren't in til 10 so Ive been bugging them all morning til I get a clear freaking answer!! OH OH OH Foot note: On the desk in the lobby it clearly states, "Children under 12 to be accompanied by adult"

I'll get it take care of and the only reason I fight this is because we don't know how much longer this person will be in the hospital.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Breakfast at the Gaylord

I just got a call from our Rep with GeoVera and I have been invited to eat breakfast with the CEO and VP at the Gaylord in Grapevine. They are only inviting 6 agents from the Dallas Area. How cool.


WOOHOO!! I rec'd a $50 GC for Chili's from client of ours in the agency. We currently insure his commercial account which consist of 4 types of policies and I admit I went above and beyond to help him set up his business with TX DOT. Well, yesterday he finally came by after about 5 calls to him to remind him, to complete his Workers Comp qtrly report. When he stood up to leave we shook hands and lo and behold, he hands me a Chili's GC. Well, it didn't have an amount on it so I called so I could write it down and found it to be $50!!!

I love my job!