Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A full schedule............and then some

Whew! I just noticed how busy I am going to be this month.
03/16 - Gabriel Iglesias @ The Addison Improv
03/17 - Simply Ballroom @ the Morton Myerson
03/22 - The Borden Uptown 5k
03/23 - Easter (Already?)
03/29 - Benefit for Leticia Rodriguez (Ft Worth/Cousin)

And I just found out my sister who works for Mary Kay, Inc corporate office is heading up the bowling committee :) how cool!

Last night me and Mira (sis) were heading to bingo, didn't have anything else to do, as we're parking my phone rings, Daniela (sis) calls stating that mom was being rushed to hospital, Baylor Irving, having trouble breathing. So here we go, so much for bingo! I just know we were going to hit the jackpot too! :)

Anyway, we arrived and clearly mom was having trouble getting a deep breath. Well, nurses came in did EKG, bloodwork, took them long enough to get blood drawn, gave her some nitro, xrays, etc. All said and done..........Fluid in the lungs. She missed dialysis yesterday morning due to getting sick. So they admitted her, however no room full, have you ever heard of such a thing? LOL

This morning she is in dialysis and says that she's feeling much better. mentioned that maybe they weren't taking enough fluid during her regular dialysis and it built up. could be.

Update: My aunt who had difficulty swallowing is now back home and doing much better however she can't eat solid food. Has to be the consistency of honey. But much better.

OH! March is also when I have a trip scheduled to San Marcos!

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