Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This year was my 40th birthday. I celebrated by going to school. I have accomplished many things in my first 40 years and blessed along the way. Along the way I have met hundreds of people who have stayed by my side since meeting them, who have come and gone and leaving a mark on my life and those who have truly inspired me. I have endured hardships as well as blessings from above.

I have watched my three children grow from babies, to toddlers, to young children, to teenagers into young men and a young lady. I lost someone who meant the world to me and gave me life and thinking nothing but positive going forward always, making sure we kept our heads up....my friend, my mother, Lupe Rios.

I have had a career for the past 17 years that happen to fall into my lap. I never thought for once that I would be able to say I have a career but anything is possible. I have strived to always make myself better with each passing year. I reflect back and think..what can I do different?

This year I decided to try again to go back to school for one of my most desired studies.......LAW. I made it! I got in to become a Paralegal with funding and loans and have been studying since June. I plan on graduating in October 2012, a few months before my youngest graduates from high school. So in five years from now I see myself in a law firm.

I see myself traveling to see my grandson in Georgia more often. I see myself living out in the country where I have dreamed of living since I can remember.

Yep my first 40 have been quite a ride and I only hope I live long enough to see my next 40 and say I have no regrets.

Happy 40th to me :)