Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have lost!!

As of yesterday I have lost 3lbs and 1 inch!! How cool! I have started using my slendertone belt when I use my ab lounger so it should help.

Now other news - :)

Ok my niece has decided against doing anything about her "Boyfriend" being responsible thru the courts of course me and her mother don't agree with her but what can we do?

Last week my son yelled some ugly remarks to me without reason, which caused me to go ballistic and it's been a while since i've gone ballistic because i really am trying not to lose it and think straight but this took the cake after everything that me and him have gone thru in the past two years. Well, he went to his aunt's on Thursday and decided on his own to stay the night. Then Friday he calls and TELLS me that he's going to a friends house for the weekend. I stated that he needed to come home and he stated that I needed to cool off. So I gave him a choice to make. I stated that he will respect me and my house while living under my roof. Advised that if he defies me and still goes to friends then he needs to find somewhere else to live. Well, he still went to his friends and so now he's looking for a place to live. Do i feel good about this? Hell NO! I didn't ever want to put my son out but what do I do? I promised myself that I would never abuse my children, which I have not, and I promised that I would never be abused again whether physically or verbally. I have never called my children names or demean them in any way to make them feel like they are a nobody. But I also believe that while any child being of age to work lives in parents home without contribution, should and will respect them or get out.

I know that some of my family may be reading this and may not agree with me however, you don't know the feeling til you have acutally experienced it. I love my son with all my heart and if i'm hard on him is because I see so much potential and I know he can succeed and I don't want anyone taking advantage of him. However, I have learned that my son is determined to learn some things the hard way and he will. I will just step back and pray for him.

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