Monday, December 14, 2009

Another 15

Enjoyed music, food, dancing at my sister's neice's 15 on Saturday. She is so beautiful!

Virgen de Guadalupe

Dec 12 of every year is celebrated on the eve of this day. It's the day that the Virgen of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego on his cloak in 1531. That was 478 years ago. This year is my first year to attend the midnight mass in her honor. I've always been curious to know what exactly this day meant to the Catholic community and why they would say it was my mother's "dia de su santo". Well, the history behind this is that the Virgen of Guadalupe appeared to this pheasant miraculously on his cloak after gathering flowers on her request to take back as a sign of what he had seen that early morning. My friends would tell me that my mother was a special woman having the name Lupe. Until this past Friday did I understand what they meant. The song goes to say 'ser Guadalupana es algo especial' ('being Guadalupan is something special'). My mother always believed in the powers and miracles of the Virgen. She would always tell me if you pray to her and promise something in return you have to hold your end of the promise. I have heard of stories where people walk on their knees to her shrines all over the world to fulfil their promises of taking her flowers on knees for answering there prayers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


No not my wedding, wish it were but oh well. :) We traveled to Oklahoma City, OK on Saturday for a cousin's wedding on Al's side of the family. We left at about noon and arrived at 3pm, showered, changed and headed out to the reception hall. Before we headed out, we took a photo of me and my inlaws. :)

(l-r) Chuy(BIL), Mari(SIL)& her husband Alex, Miguel(BIL), Isabel(MIL), Me, & Alonso(Mis ojos) LOL and believe it or not but me and my mother-in-law get along great. Actually, from what I heard she gets along better with me than with her other two daughter-in-laws :)

We were the first ones there and the first thing I saw was the cake. It was gorgeous, IMO, I loved the way it was tiered separately and the colors, the whole set up was really beautiful and next to it sat a table with fruit displays. The tables each had two bottles of champagne with a picture of the couple kissing and stated "Recuerdo de nuestra boda" "memory of our wedding" along with a hurricane lamp cover center piece.

The single men formed a snake line and danced around the dance hall and the girls did the same thing. I have never seen this before but I really enjoyed watching.

My little nieces were dancing about and posing when they would catch me with the camera. silly girls

Over all, we had a great time dancing and laughing, but after all these days of getting to bed late it caught up with me and I headed to my truck for a nap while everyone else continued parting and dancing. Everyone finally came out about 1am and we headed back to the house. Arrived home sunday and I was completely worn out. headed to bed early. My Thanksgiving holiday was loaded with family, friends and people I haven't seen in 20 years at the wedding.