Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vica's Once in a Lifetime

I picked up Vica yesterday and she had something to ask me. I kind of figured this out by the way she said hello and asked how my day was? Her school friend, Destiny, asked if she could go to Georgia with her for Spring Break. Of course the first question to pop into my mind is "did her mother say she could ask you to go?"

Well, I told her to call her friend so I could talk to the mother and set up a time to meet this week. Sure enough the mom called and explained how this came about. They make this trip every so often to see Destiny's grandfather. However, this year Destiny, being 13 years old, feels the trip won't be fun just her and her mother. So mom offered her to invite a friend and she asked Vica. How cool is that.

Anyway, according to mom, her dad had been sick and is feeling better and she wants to go see him. So they will be traveling to Columbus, GA and if her dad feels up to it, they will be going to Orlanda, Fl to Nick studios and Disney World! Man, why couldn't I get my Vacation now? :)

Anyway, after a long talk with Victoria and the rules, I have agreed to let her go. The best part of course is that all she needs is extra spending money. Destiny's mom will be covering all costs for food and fun. OMGatos! btw: I will be meeting Destiny's mom thursday so we can meet and exchange numbers and addresses and what not.

A full week to myself? Could it be? What to do? OH What to do?

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