Monday, September 30, 2013

43 years in the making!

43 years ago today a woman by the name of Lupe Rios gave birth to one of the three daughters she would eventually have, me and gave me the best gift any parent could evey give their child....A Life.

There are no words to describe how much I appreciate my mother for giving me the opportunity that many do not get. I was a given a life of love, sadness, happiness, tears, anger, and fear. However, when you mix all these feelings together you get a result like no other - strength. My mother made sure that we were made like her - STRONG!

My mother also gave me the next best gift - her Heart. I have my mother's heart inside me as I've been told many times by my family and friends. My mother was a very giving person and never met a stranger. I am honored to have carried her heart for the past 43 years and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

I cannot give enough thanks to my Lord for allowing me another year of life. So many never see there 1st day of light, many don't see their first year of life and many don't see their own parents. I was allowed all this and more.

I was reminded this weekend that life is short.....very short. If you're 3 mths old, 40 yrs old or 80 yrs old doesn't make a difference to death. Death will eventually come knock on your door. Just remember you can never hug someone enough nor tell them how you truly feel for them enough. Hug your children for it may be the last time they see you or you see them. Hug your parents, take them to dinner, take them to breakfast, just visit and talk with them for 30 mins. Take your spouse on a "just becuase" date, bring them lunch to work out of the blue. Take that best friend out for an ice cream, call your sister/brother and invite them for a sandwich. Have that family dinner, get together with friends, call up the grandkids and have a sleepover.

Most importantly - ENJOY LIFE, ENJOY FAMILY AND ENJOY FRIENDS - Life is what you make of it.