Monday, June 30, 2008

Band Spring Concert

This post is a bit late, I down loaded the pics on my Laptop and just never got around to getting it done.

Vica had her spring concert in June and it was beautiful. Vica plays the French Horn in Beginner band for McD's Mid. Here are how they ranked

They earned a total of 108 1st Division Medals at Solo & Ensemble Contest, that is the most of any MISD school!!! WTG!! Also, they earned Straight 1st Division ratings at MISD Beginner Band Festival.

This band went from being the worst in MISD to being in first place throughout the MISD. All thanks to their new Band Director Mr. Mike Major. He did an awesome job!

Also in May they took their trip to Six Flags and man we had so much fun with the whole group, I look forward to being a Chaperone next year.

Monday, June 23, 2008


This past Saturday we, me and my sister, went to play in the MK Softball Tournament. I was given 2nd base and sis was put in right field. We lost 3 games but won one 15 - 2, woohoo. I think that I did pretty good considering 2nd base was the base to throw to since the guy on 1st wasn't very good at catching =). I think I made a total of about 10 outs thru the course of the games. I did hurt my ankle 1/2 thru the 2nd game but I sucked it up and played all four games.

And of course it being MK, we got a goodie bag and door prizes were given out, I won a $100 GC to Tom Thumb, groceries!

Gotta love MK!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Good Deed

I helped an insured with her lien holder to get the GAP claim paid. She's been trying to get the bank to send docs to GAP claim since April '08 and they have yet to do that. Well, one call from me to a supervisor at the bank and that cleared it up quick. Docs were faxed to me within 5 minutes and I gave them to her to send to GAP claim. She paid 3 monthly payments on a vehicle that was totalled out by the insurance only because the bank wouldn't forward docs to get the GAP paid. Well, right after talking to the super in Total Loss I talked to a supervisor in the Payoff dept and guess what? She will be rec'g a full refund of the 3 monthly installments within 3-4 weeks from the time GAP pays. Her refund? $993!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been Busy

Sorry haven't posted, things got crazy at home trying to get the house ready for inspection and at work because my boss did a complete 360 and now has us on set time for lunch, can't come to work before 8:30 and no more personal phone use, no more txting back and forth.........whatever. I guess I brought that on by missing last Monday for my home inspection.......she didn't like it....oh well.

I have news to post about Vica's last concert and pics to go with it coming soon. Also, my house passed inspection yesterday.....whew! That means I can go get our water turned on now.

Now I have two evenings to get ready for my yard sale to try and sell what I no longer want and then it's off to Goodwill, also a friends birthday party at 5pm, next weekend is the Mary Kay softball tourney.....woohoo...cant wait. Later