Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost time

Well, I went and met with Debbie last night. Debbie is Destiny's mother who Vica is going to Georgia with. Very nice people and they are most definately going to Universal Studios. I know Vica is excited and I'm excited for her. My baby is growing up.

Last night me and Vica went to see College Road Trip with Martin Lawerence and Raven Symone. I really liked it. I hope one day I can take Vica to her College and allow her to follow her dreams.

Gabe called, Jane is doing good baby is too. He told me that he had his head laying on Jane's stomach listening to the baby and Jane said "Man Gabriel you have a big head, how did your mom get you out?!" LOL how funny.

It's Friday and I doubt I will be signing on over the weekend so til Monday, have an awesome weekend.

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