Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok so there is a pawn shop that is moving in next door to us. NOT GOOD! We are attached but not attached and someone broke in thinking they could access the pawn shop. Not a smart move on their part!

Nothing missing from our stuff, thank God.

Memorial Weekend

Well, talk about a busy weekend! Friday, got together with my cousins and hit a couple of stores. Saturday gave my first coupon class to a group of ladies at a church. It was so much fun, my two cousins, Jacque and Juanita, went with me and helped me out. The ladies were excited to get started, well at least I think they were. Afterwards, my cousins treated me to lunch at Tino's in Mesquite and the food was great! My cousins are so good to me :)

So seeing as my cousin John, Jacque's husband, was sitting with Tia we took advantage and had a girl's day of being out and about doing some shopping find some deals. CVS was the place to be for make-up. The Loreal brand was on clearance for no more than $2.49 on lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadows, mascara, eye liner. Now when we shop, we are actually shopping for six people, all women. There are 6 of us in our coupon club and so when we find a deal we try to buy for everyone. Loreal on clearance for no more than $2.49 and our coupon was $2.00 off 1 loreal product. OMG that's only .49 at the most for makeup!

By the end of the day we had purchased $1500 worth of LOREAL makeup for only $80! So we each had some great makeup!

Then we headed home and I had about an hour before I had to dress for a wedding reception. Al showed up and we're off to Fort Worth to meet up with my cousin Elena who is the one that invited me to the wedding. Well, when we arrived, she was out on the porch and here comes this beautiful young lady and I hardly recoginize her, it's Bianca! Man has she grown!

So, Elena says ok we're going to National first and I'm like huh? yeah we have two weddings tonight. Damn! Elena is known throughout Ft Worth and just about every month there is a party of some sort that she's inviting me to. :)

So we get to National, very nice reception hall. This wedding is a "Tejano" wedding. The band was good, good DJ everyone having fun and dancing Tejano, Cumbias, laughing and children running about dancing as well. Everyone was well dressed.

2nd wedding - My god talk about day and night weddings. The 2nd wedding was a "Pachuco" wedding. All the groomsmen were wearing their chains on their pant belt loops with the long coat, stacy adams, hats. Don't get me wrong they looked nice as usual but the atmosphere is completely different. Music is reggaeton, hip-hop, oldies. You have people yelling across the room y que orale cabron! Funny.

Ok so we head home about midnight, long drive to Mesquite.

Sunday, I had my yard sale at a friends house, made some good money and packed up, left my truck at home and headed to my sisters for a cookout. We had a blast, Sharon was there with mom, Sabrina was there with Juju. Later in the evening we headed to the Casino, no luck got home about 1am from casino.

Monday, well, Vica has spent the entire weekend with her girlfriend so I had my whole weekend Vica free :) j/k

Anyway, on Monday me and Al decided to drive to Big Rocks in Glen Rose. we enjoyed some time swimming in the Brazos River and found this awesome spot where we can camp right on the river! Our plan? Be back in two weeks to camp out.

Today is Tuesday........back to work.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Refer'd, Applied & Accepted

Vica was refer'd by her English teach for Advance Placement English, basically Honors class. She wrote her essay and completed her application and submitted. She rec'd the news that she has been accepted!!!!!

She already has an assigment due the first day of school in August. Has been given four book titles to check out at library and read over the summer and do a story board on. this is a major grade for the 1st six weeks.

I know you can do it mija!

My new blog


I decided that I would try to help people by giving, in my opinion, very important insurance information to my fellow texans. Not every state has the same rules and regulations for insurance but hopefully this can help you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

If you have any questions in regards to insurance feel free to contact me at beli1970@gmail.com, i will be more than happy to help you even if you're not my client.

Ok I give up

Well, again this morning I woke up to take my son to work, so early for me now that I've changed jobs and don't get up til 645 or 7, :)

I decided to ring "the bell" (remember, my mother's day gift), Vica, as usual never misses a beat, "my shift hasnt' started yet".


895.....let's see if I win

Ok so Albertsons had a Monopoly game going on. Yesterday was the last day you could get a game piece and you have until May 31st to redeem/claim your prize. I only lack one stamp on each section to win something with the smallest prize being a $2 cash game.

Well, I went out to Albertsons to grab some Flipz Chocolate covered pretzels on sale for $1.25 and with my coupon they were only a whopping .25 cents each! what a deal!

Well, I actuall went to four different Albies seeing as the first one didn't have any but I did purchase an item to get my game piece. Lo and behold the manager on duty grabs a bag and fills it up with game pieces.

On my second store they were out of Flipz and games pieces as well. So on the third and fourth store I scored a total of 16 of the white choclate and 24 of the chocolate covered and paid only $10.83! That's a savings of 80%! So ok back to the game pieces, in the third and fourth store they too gave me stacks of games pieces.

I got home and counted my GP's, a total of 895! So today I will open each one and match them up, yes i grabbed an extra two boards just in case you never know. LOL

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

I rec'd Gabriel's card yesterday and he just made my day! He sent me a $25 GC to AMC movies. I love the movies and back when they were younger, we use to go watch the new releases once or twice a month and each time I think we average about $70-$80 for tickets and food. We just couldn't see a movie without our hot dogs, candy and drinks. it's been a while since i've gone to AMC30 to watch a new release but I'll be going to one tonight!

Review to come

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bell, Vica and Al

Ok so last Thurs my daughter asked Al for a ride to the store, I was busy cutting coupons as usual.

Well, on Mother's day morning as we prepared for our trip to Bridgeport, my daughter comes out to the driveway where I'm cleaning my truck out and Al is backing his vehicle out of the drive to park in front of our house. Vica gives me an envelope with a card in it and a bell.

Her words: "This is for you, when you need something just ring it and either me or Al will come." LOL LOL LOL

As we stood there, I rang the bell just to see what would happen. Victoria turns and yells at Al, "it's for you!". Too funny.

Then while we were in Bridgeport, I rang the bell and Al looks over at me and acts like he's running as fast as he can. LOL

Today as I was taking Vica to school, I still had the bell in my truck and I picked it up and rang it as Vica was getting off for school, as I rang the bell, without missing a beat she says "I'm on break".

Damn bell!