Friday, March 28, 2008


I had forgotten what it was like to be sick.....I mean SICK! I woke Wednesday morning all ready to take neice to work and sister to airport and lo and behold I had to run to the bathroom. Not a pretty sight. Then on the way I had to stop two or three times more and it was coming from both doors. I got to work about 6am and well had to head home, got to the house and had to call my boss, can't make it. I laid in bed under covers with 103 fever and vomit and other. I have no idea what time my daughter got home or my neice and nephew, thank god i had arranged for a ride for Bina before I snoozed away.
I do remember trying to open my eyes, I kept hearing someone call my name and it felt like someone was somewhat shaking me very lightly, almost a nudge. I kept seeing my sister Mira telling me to wake up, but in my head i knew she was in Cali. I finally opened my eyes and the clock in her room showed 230 and i looked around and she was gone. i guess i dozed off again because then someone else was waking me asking how am i getting to work. that was my neice, Bina. I said i will, i tried to sit up but my whole body was very very weak and I could hardly stand sitting for my hips were in much pain, i guess from laying on my side all day and night. Well, i made it to her job and then mine, i had to leave early, i couldn't stand the pain in my arms, hips, legs, chest, lower back. I mean it felt like someone had beatn the holy crap out of me. sheesh!
Well, today I feel much better, have a bad cough and sore chest and upper back, but much better than the previous 2 days.
I also remember that on Tuesday night prior to me getting sick, me and Miranda went and played Bingo and I BINGO'D twice on one game. I had not one but TWO winning cards. WOOHOO!!

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