Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

Well, All City tryouts were yesterday and sad to say, Vica didn't make it. But there is still 4 more years to come.

Went to Kroger last night found the no nonsense trouser socks on sale for .99 each and with my 1.00 off coupon, I got 10 pairs FREE!!!

Found the Cottenelle 4-pak on sale for 1.19 with my .25 coupon I got the 4-pk for just .47! I stocked up on this one, I think we have enough to last through all of winter.

Weekend is here yeahhhhh! It's Halloween and it's my very first year to hand out candy and I'm so excited. My daughter is going to her friends house this time and so I'll be home with Al and we are going to hand out candy and doing some scaring. hehe

On another note, I found out a couple of days ago that my good friend has her daughter in the hospital in ICU. Apparently, her heart started beating very fast and was taken to emergency, well they had to do surgery and put a catherer in her heart. She is in ICU at this time and there were other complications from the surgery. Anyone reading this blog, I ask that you please pray for my friend. She is only 25 and has two small children, ages 4 & 5. Thanks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I had the last say

Ok went to Target again yesterday to finish off my Lipton Q's, I proceeded to a cashier and come to find out, it's Sara. The cashier who denied my Q's last time, stating that they could only accept one or the other and not both Manufacture/Target Q's on one item.

After scanning my items, I handed her my Q's, she stops and turns to tell me "sorry we can't take both on one item." I stopped her and corrected by stating
"Yes you can. You are allowed one Manufact and one Target unless it says "can not be combined" which neither do." She started to tell me again and I stopped her again and our conversation went like this

Me: yes you can or you can ask Brian if you'd like
Sara: who's Brian?
Me: he's your store manager, who informed me that I could indeed use both of my
Sara: (looked at me like huh?)
Me: OR if you'd like I can bring your coupon policy in from my truck, I had it emailed to me directly from corporate.

I got 5 boxes of the family size tea bags for $1.45

Have a nice day Sara!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wag's Update

Well, got my call back from Wag's, got the apology I was expecting AND I was told to come in to get my shampoo AND a $10 gift card for the failed customer service from his acting manager on duty.

I thank you!


Ok I had a very nice weekend. Friday night went to NMHS football game, daughter played with the Big Blue band, NMHS won!

Saturday did some shopping to use Q's and almost had it out with the stupid cashier at Wags, according to her if the item I purchase if less than the coupon says to take off that would be "stealing by coupon" LOL can you imagine? Well, one call to corporate office will fix that today. She flat our refused to use my Manu Q's. Never fear, Beli's bitchin' is here. =) I will get my items along with an apology. Spent the rest of Saturday clipping my new coupons, organizing and watching movies. I was being spoiled seeing as I went and stayed at my sister's house to stay with mom, while her and the hubster went to San Antonio to his company picnic. She has cable! I love me some Tru TV, Discovery Channel.

Sunday, me and Al attended the Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay game at Texas Stadium. Cowboys won!! Al was like man this is so cool.

Finally made it home around 11:30pm. Now when we left Saturday from my house it was about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so we left plenty of water and food for the dog and cat to last til we got home Sunday. Well, we get home, see Vica's bedroom door open meaning one thing.......her cats got out. That's not a problem because they are all litter trained.

So we start calling them and I hear this frantic Meow coming from my kitchen and I can't seem to find the darn cat. Again, MEOW, finaly after a few more of them, we see my daughter's cat's head stuck, yes I said STUCK in the little hole on a desk. Let me explain

I have a desk in my kitchen, it has the door where the computer tower stand goes, however at this point nothing is in there. In that space is a hole to pass your wires through and that is where the cat's head was stuck. Now Lord only knows how long she was there because yes she had peed on herself and feces. The door to this area was not open however the shelf right above it does not go all the way to the back so I can only guess she got CURIOUS and jumped on the small shelf and fell to the bottom of the tower cabinet and couldn't get the door open so she tried to get out through the hole. I broke away part of the desk to get her out, went immediately to bathe her and she sat there like nothing under that running water. I think she knew I was trying to make her smell good. STUPID CAT!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Talk about savings

Ok yesterday I made a trip to Walgreens, here is my haul

8 Pert Plus @ 3.49 ea = $27.92
1 gal milk $3.49
1 loaf bread $1.69
1 bx cookies $1.39
1 bx trash bags $3.00
plus tax grand total of $40.36

LESS Wags Q -$20.00+tx
LESS Manu Q -$16.00+tx

I paid $1.39 for a savings of 96.6%

After all my shopping I spent a whopping $14.94 for $62.53 worth of groceries and products

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Female to the Rescue to a MAN in distress - LOL

Ok this actually happen a week ago or so but I had failed to post because right around that time, I started getting hooked on coupons. LOL

It was a Friday night and my BF was to take me to dinner. I get a call from Al, "Hey I had to turn around, Primo called and he truck broke down on the side of the highway." His primo has a suburban just like mine. So I say "ok, did you need me to come and pull him with mine? (Al has a small car) Al "yes please" so he proceeds to tell me where they are. Luckily they are on the service road completely off the roadway.

I get there and I, BELINDA, a female, diagnosed the problem to THREE guys (ALL MALES), its' your alternator. Ok, so I tell them we can just take it off and go buy another one and put it on. simple, right? NOT!

None of the 3 guys knew how to change out an alternator. OMGatos! So, I, Belinda, proceed to remove MY toolbox from my truck, shaking my head the whole time in disbelief of course. I get up on the truck and proceed to remove the alternator in no more than say 7 minutes. Then we head over to the parts store, purchase the new one, return to the scene of laughter (in my head) and proceed to install the new one for them.

Finished, got their battery recharged with my truck, their truck started right up, no problem.

Being single for 18 years has finally paid OFF!! LOL

I get to meet my Grandson!!

I have made my hotel reservation to go and visit my grandson for Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's what I thougt!

Ok back to Target las night.
5 boxes of Lipton Tea
1 loaf bread
1 carpet fresh powder (.50 Q peelie)
2 4.5lb bag cat food

Total before Q's = $19.56
Minus Q's $16.50

When I went back to Target, I got in line and I was prepared. I had in hand the Target Coupon policy that was emailed to me by Guest Relations. Cashier looked at me and as I thought, she took all my coupons both Target ones and Manufacture ones. No questions. Now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Q's and headaches

Ok last night I made my first trip to Target, I don't usually shop there but with Q's I made an exception. I had TargetWeb Q's for $1.00 off Lipton tea and Manufact for .60 Off lipton tea. That would have made my tea .29 cents each box!! Got to the register and Lo and behold, we can't take two coupons for one item. WHAT?!?!? Um yes you can, your other store took them in Irving.

Long story short, I was nice as can be to the lady who was rude and wouldn't look at me. I told her well then just remove my tea and I'll deal with your store manager. She looked at me like "can you go to hell?" LOL

Well, this morning, my first call was to Target manager, acting store manager is Brian, he stated "YES you can use both Target and Manufact on one item and I do apologize for the confusion, apparently we have a coupon training issue I will have to deal with." So he said come on in again tonight and I'll make sure you don't have the same problem.

Thanks Brian!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend venture

Ok my haul for this weekend was 4 double paks of SUN paper and 6 tubs of Landolakes butter, my cost was $5.00. I had coupons for the butter at .50 off double to 1.00 and kroger had the butter on sale 10/10.

My daughter played her last soccer game for now. Lost 6-0 =(, Mario had a small family pizza party for his birthday, he's hopping around pretty good.

Sunday was such a beautiful day that I washed clothes, oh yeah a friend of mine sold me his washer for $50!!! Well, I washed clothes and hung them outside to dry and I completed 5 loads!! I had all my windows opened yesterday the breeze was nice and I also visited my Aunt Ramona who was sitting out on her swing with Juanita enjoying this pretty weather we had.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, Al is leaving tonight for Tennessee with his brother and mother to visit his sister. I'll take on this weekend ALONE! lol, anyway, so my sister had a yard sale at my house last weekend and made almost $400 from stuff that she bought with coupons. So guess what? I'm on the coupon train.......CHOO CHOO-CHUG-A-CHUG-A-CHOO-CHOO!

Both me and Al agreed that we needed to start and that way we can stock up our own pantry and maybe even his mom's all the while stocking up to have us a yard sale and make some extra money for some fun. Seems like right now all our money goes to bills, both here and there.

Just found out that my Big Dog Boss, Randa, is leaving on a vacation to Lebanon, her home. She will be gone from Nov 3rd thru Nov 19th to visit her parents. I pray for her trip and her safe return BUT I'm not sad to see her leave for a few weeks. She needs a break and so do I!

Mario is back home and feeling good. Walking around with crutches and should be back to school by Monday will be on crutches for 5-6 weeks and should heal almost 100% in about 4-5 months give or take.

Well, my weekend starts at 5:00pm and it's barely 1:38pm......argh! Enjoy yours!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I have volunteered for PTA once again and once again I get the chair I like most. Hospitality and Volunteer coordinator. McDonald Middle School has gone without a full PTA for almost 3 years and well what little PTA they did have didn't do much for the kids, sad to say.

Well, I found out the faculty staff has never been recognized previously, so I am bringing that to the table and it was voted in unanimously.......yeah! Also, we will have door prizes for the meetings, which we found out never happened either. So here I go in search of items to give away =)

Other news: Mario my nephew broke his Femur bone in Monday night's football game. Apparently, he was carrying the ball and was tackled by two other players. I was on my way to the game when I caught a red light at Motley and Town East, ambulance passes right in front of me and this weird feeling passes over me...........oh no it's Mario. Sure enough when I pulled up and walked into the stands lo and behold the ambulance at mid-field. He was rushed to the hospital and taken to OR at about 11pm, fixed him up and back to walking again. He is doing so good, not once has he cried or yelled/screamed from the pain. He's only 14 but man is he sucking it up. I love you M&M!

Also, found out that I will be able to go to Georgia for Thanksgiving afterall!!!! More details on that later.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Advance Band

Vica plays French Horn in band and last night they performed for the PTA Meeting. They sound really good compared to a year ago. The teacher, Mr. Major states that it's the largest band class in over 15 years at this school. He also mentions there is alot of potential from this class in the coming months with all the clinics coming up for city and region.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

State Fair of Texas

Me and my mother, and Vica and Michael all went to the state fair yesterday. It was a nice cool day seeing as it rained. Vica got to enjoy her rides, I enjoyed a corny dog and mom did as well. All in all I told mom that the fair is just not what it use to be. I remember when you could actually win a prize and the food tasted so much better back then. But I guess prices have a way of making you lose interest as well. Anyway, I still enjoyed my chance at winning FREE Texas Lottery scratch off tickets. I won a total of 5 on a new game they have prior to the actual Game Show. =)

We also enjoyed the sounds of a musical ensemble from the Marines Corps. They sound so beautiful!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to do

Ok my son Michael has had alot of ups and downs in his life in the past 2 years. More downs according to him than ups. Well, recently he called me to come and get him from his then girlfriends house. Apparently, something happen that he touched her and she states that be became violent, which he says he didn't and others said the same. Anyway, so I here I go from a sound sleep to getting dressed, my son being 17 and all I thought mid-night trips were over with =), to going from Mesquite to Irving to pick him up.

Arrived back at my house and lucky I have a spare room. We spent two entire days together seeing as I was on vacation that week. I must say my son has changed some in the way he treats me and I see a bit more appreciation towards me. :)

Well, I know he doesn't want to stay with me and he insist that he wants to stay in MacArthur high school because the teachers are just so much better. NOT! Well, I gave him his options at my house. He would have his own room, rules of course, attend NMHS or Eastfield and get a GED. Everything is within walking distance as well for a part time if not full time job. His answer was no.

Well, yesterday he was being investigated by the school's truant officer and we both paid him a visit. The truant officer was very stern and meant business. He was nice enough to give Michael til Monday to come up with something however whomever he stays with has to apply for educational guardianship and get approved. Well, we both had visited a friend of his and his dad, Darrell. Right now is not a good time for them, one of their mother's is dying of lung cancer and I can imagine what they are going thru. The dad did mention he would give him a try however that was before they found out about the mother having lung cancer. Also, they don't know that they have to apply for Educational Guardianship. I told Michael, that he needs to do something.

Michael insist that he wants to attend Irivng school because the teachers are better than at NMHS, however the officer told Michael exactly what I've told him for the past 2 years.............NMHS is a better school than MacArthur High. NMHS ranks in the top3-5 schools in all of Texas. Michael didn't like that. The officer also told him that he thinks he wants to come to MacArthur just to keep an eye on his ex-girlfriend. Michael didn't like that either but the officer told him the truth.

So here I am waiting on Michael to make a decision, because when he turns 18 in December, the school will not allow any classes skipped otherwise they will gladly show him the door.

So by Monday he will either have someone in Irving or be back home with me for how long, Lord only knows.

Clear TV without Cable

OMG! Ok so I broke down and went to one of those rent to own stores. Got a 32 inch tv. I don't have cable so I use an antenna. Well, last night I was looking over the remote with a fine tooth comb so to say and i started to push buttons to see what they all did. I found one that says D/A, don't know what it means, the TV is used so no manuel either. I pushed it and my screen goes black! I'm like what happen?!? Then about a minute picture came back clear as day, NO better than that! I'm like what?!?!?!?!?!

Then I read the display and it showed WFAA8-1 HD, OMG I have HD built in and no need for cable. So now I have like 3 of channel 8, 2 of channel 5, and 2 of channel 4 and many others. Who knew?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, yesterday was Vica's 1st football game and her performing with the band. They sounded really good and I'm very proud of her conducting herself as the young lady she is.