Thursday, March 6, 2008


Man I hate it when I'm right. Well, yesterday me and my boss sat down and discussed what is going to be done about Ana. It seems that Ana doesn't do everything 100% as requested and she tells the boss otherwise when asked if she's completed certain tasks.

Well, yesterday I found an insured who's policy x'd in January and no notice in the file BUT Ana processed as a cancelled file and did't bother to contact the insd seeing as we still have her home, to see if she would like to replace the policy. OMG does she have ANY common sense?

OK, OK let me calm down. Yes I don't like doing double work BUT i hate it even more when it's someon else's freaking mistake. In the three years that I've been at this agency I have made mistakes however none like this. My mistakes have always been maybe misquoting someone or going past a followup date on requested information. I need help seriously! Someone that can do what I do, basically a twin/clone of me!

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