Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I had such a busy weekend! I started the major moving on Friday night and finally got to bed at bout 3 am after washing blankets. Saturday, I started my day rather early at about 8am. Stopped and had lunch, took a break in later afternoon to take Vica to friends sleepover/birthday party. I took Big Mike to work and decided to call it a day myself about 9pm. Stopped and bought myself some dinner and watched a movie. Sunday woke up at 10am to pick up vica from the party and it was straight to work moving again. It was about 8pm, went to the old house to finish up, moved everything into the living room then out the door to the truck, by this time it's 930pm and both me and vica were barely standing it was so hot and we were tired. We got everything packed into the truck and the only left in the house was the bags and boxes of trash we need to take out. so we decided that since the carpet guy wouldn't be there til 830 monday, we would come back early and take all the trash out , vaccuum, and clean. So we headed home, to the new house, at 10pm, left the last load in the truck, took showers and conked out. We both woke at 4am, headed to the old house again and by 6am were finished cleaning it out. So we treated ourselves to a good breakfast from Grandy's. Hit the spot just right. I'm so glad we're finished.

The highlight of my weekend was rec'g my son's picture in the mail. Gabiel escorted Jane to her JrSr Prom. They look so good together!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I heard a voice from my past

This past Saturday I attended a wedding in Clifton, TX. Someone from El Rancho in Miguel Negrete, Durango was getting married. Well, as we arrived it was already late, I mean late like 10:30pm late. As I stepped out of the car I heard a voice and oh how it sounded familiar. Familiar because it sounded just like my son Michael. I looked over in the dark, several men in groups were talking and drinking beer. One stood out from the smile on his face as I caught a glimpse of his profile from head to toe. He stood there and he was the spitting image of my son.

I went inside to join others and after a few minutes turned around to see who all was there that I might recognize that I haven't seen in years as in 15 years. As I turn I see this man again from his backside and again I saw my son. This man turned and faced my way, just as I suspected.......my husband. I say husband because legally we are still married. 20 years to be exact this year.

I decided to turn back around and not pay attention, however after a few minutes he was brought up to my backside and said hello to the lady sitting next to me, she took care of him as a baby back home in Miguel Negrete. Apparently, he didn't realize that that was me next to her, not until I got up to head to the bathroom. When I turned he was right there and you would have thought he saw a ghost! I could tell he was speechless and shocked all at the same time.

Well the night went on and so did I. I have nothing to say to this man that I once loved. I hold no regrets and grudges but what do you say to someone who once denied his own children, someone who tried to kidnap them at one point, someone who hit me and thought he could get away with it, and the very person who told me one day.......you'll never make it without me. I held my head up the whole night and showed him that this person made it.

I have two beautiful sons from this man and he missed the whole show. I only hope that one day should he try to see his son's that neither will turn their back on him and hold a grudge against him. I know I don't. If he were to come up to me, I would say hello how are you, I would carry a conversation as if old friends, however, don't expect me to go up to him and initiate any type of conversation.

I lost a beautiful man after two years of marriage together and determine that I would not let him abuse me, now I hope I don't lose a beautiful son that mirrors him in all the good and none of the bad...........yet.

We got a package

Me and Vica rec'd a package yesterday in the mail. It was from Gabriel and Jane. They sent their thanks for the baby shower and also sent Vica some gifts. A really nice handheld fan that you swoosh open you know, like the china girls do. Beautiful colors. A small journal like book for Vica to write in, and they sent me some pics. This one is my favorite one of the bunch. How I miss my son.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


into a new house is so much fun but at the same time it's work. Wondering where to put what and so forth. I've made two trips this week, taking over boxes and what not, one Monday and one Tuesday. I'm thinking that if I take one load each evening, unload from the truck, unpack and put everything in it's place then by the first of the month I should be moved in with everything in place. So far, it's going as planned. =)

Yesterday, Vica took alot of her stuff and after unloading the truck didn't hear a peep from her. Of course she was in HER room putting her stuff in place as well. I got her a nice chair for her room to use as her reading chair and it fit perfect between her dresser and the corner window. That way she can use the light from the window durin the day. All the windows open in my new house and they all have screens! YEAH! I love to open windows and let the natural breeze come in.

Sunday, as I was cleaning our new house, I opened a window to clean the storm window and ants caught me by surprise. I had a ant hill growing in the window sill between the two windows. Well, I quickly opened the outside window, closed the inside one and went around and got my aunt's waterhose and hosed them suckers DOWN! :( :)

Day 3 of moving will be packing this evening and washin some clothes. No trip today. Good part is I only have two pieces of furniture that are considered big. My entertainment center and regfrigerator. Those two for last.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cream Cheese anyone?

OMG! I had never tasted cream cheese before and after this past Saturday at my sister's I decided to taste something new and I'm hooked. I had my first bagel and cream cheese this morning and let me tell you.........ooooooooooooooooh my taste buds are having a field day. I love cheese but just never had an interest in cream cheese and now it's cream cheese for me...and it's spreadable!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving back to Mesquite..........YEAH!

Well, we are finally moving back to Mesquite as of the end of this month.

Well, we went to see Bonnie's old house and me and Vica really like it. You walk in and it's a small living room and has a window, straight ahead is the kitchen and it's roomy, i like it, there is a refrig there that i can keep =), also between the living room and ktichen it has a window so to say, to the right of the kitchen is a huge pantry where the dryer goes as well and a door to the converted garage. I like the idea that the shelves are there in the pantry and it's roomy. the washer hook up is in kitchen and i believe it's both, i can have a gas or electric stove =). the backyard is HUGE, has small covered patio, the shed in the back is huge as well, there is a ladder leading to an upper room in the shed that vica has decided will be used for her private getaway with her friends. This house only has one bath, that's ok, the smallest room right next to the living room will be Michael's room, the garage room will be used as a weight/fitness room, bonnie left a weight lifting machine in there and has told us we can keep it so if it works then we'll be using it and we will have a work out room with that and my glider and ab lounger oh yeah. Vica picked out the middle room for her and Bonnie left a very nice dresser with mirror in that room and vica has decided to keep that too. Now my room is roomy and Bonnie left a new set of queen box and mattress which I only have a frame for so now i finally have a BED!! OMG i have tears. my room has two separate closets. The bathroom is nice and roomy too, already has shelves over the toilet =). the front of the house has the covered porch so to say and the carport to protect my truck from hail =)

overall, i like the house and the area of course and i know that Vica will love living there seeing as she's right across the street from her Best Friend - Michele

Thursday, May 15, 2008

She won!

Victoria was given two medals in her Band competition the other day. She placed first for the French Horn solo and Ensemble. The judge told her that the only problem is the note that comes out. She needs to study the music more to learn whether a particular note needs to come out higher or lower.

Way to go!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dancing.........I wish I could

I love this dance and wish I could dance like that!

Also the one of Kameron and Lacy is my all time favorite so far.

Mother's Day 2008

Well, this year we were able to go to Bridgeport to leave Ama some flowers. I'm glad we got to go. Her site was a mess with overgrown weeds and what not. Thanks to Wicho, Gabino, and Alonso for cleaning it up her site and the others. The flowers we all brought are so beautiful.

Afterwards, we went to Harwood Park and cooked some burgers and played some volleyball. Guys against the girls..........out of 5 games we won one. WOOHOO!!! We whooped their butts.

Friday, May 9, 2008

She did good!

Well yesterday was Vica's solo performance and ensemble. All three of the French Horn players sounded good. When it was time for Vica to do her solo, she decided to allow me in the room, woohoo, I sat in the back and she sounded good for beginner. The judge told her she has a good setup and the sound is nice and clear, her lips were soft on the instrument. The only thing is that on the French Horn, you could hit the right key however, the right note may not come out that's because she has to listen to herself play and study the music to see if the note needs to be higher or lower.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Going Solo.....

Today is Vica's Solo Performance in band. She plays the French Horn and currently holds 1st chair. I'm so proud of her. When they perform their solo they are in charge of the room, therefore it's up to her whether I get to be in the room with her or not. I asked and she said no but you can still hear me from the door =(. oh well, I know she'll be good. GOOD LUCK MIJA!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Saturday I went with Mija to bowl in the Mary Kay bowling tourney and it was fun. I got a goodie bag from Mary Kay which consisted of a Pink beach bag, a black and pink tote bag, participation trophy, water bottle, pink caddy cell phone holder, camping blanket and I won a necklace/bracelet jewelry set made of Mercacite (spelling may be wrong:))

I had alot of fun and hope to do it again next year. I love Mary Kay functions!