Monday, March 17, 2008

To Straighten or Not

Well this past Friday I had my hair colored and the lady styled it straight.

I sort of like it. But I like my curls more. :)

Victoria left Saturday all packed and ready to go. She called me when she arrived in LA, AL, and then when they finally got to Georgia. So far good.

I washed my truck Saturday and then headed to Club Rodeo with Victor, I was home by midnight, then got the munchies, so went out and got some tacos, oooh they are sooo good at Taco Loco in East Dallas. Saw some friends there and we got to talking and next thing I know it's almost 4am woohoo.

Got up Sunday, treated myself to go see I Am Legend with Will Smith. Good movie but why did it have to make me cry? sniffle sniffle. Afterwards, heading to pick up Richard Lopez, then over to Mijas (sisters) we all went in her car to Improv to see Fluffy (gabriel iglesias) OMG he can be so funny. show was over by 9 however he kept on til about 10ish. then headed home and took rich home and stopped and got michael something to eat, he slept all day. When i arrived home I decided I would sleep on Vica's bed. alarm sounds at 245, man i was sleeping GOOD in her bed too. oh well time to start the day and week!

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