Monday, October 26, 2009


a place that I rather not but I know there will probably be other times like this one. I accompanied Al to Gonzalez funeral home on Saturday. One of his cousins that lived in St Louis, MO. was shot to death and his body was brought to Dallas for family and friends to attend a memorial before they were to take him back home to Durango Mexico.

Mr. Octavio Contreras was only 33 years old when he was fatally shot by a 17 yr old girl. Motive unknown at time of my blogging, only good thing is that with the help of the survellance cameras, they caught her and arrested her on a $1 million dollar bond. Charged with 1st degree murder. May he rest in peace knowing she was caught and may his mother and father have some kind of peace of mind as well.

I have never lost a loved one to a senseless death, as of yet. Anyone that has passed that I have known or is family have died of natural causes.

Saturday we found out his body would be at Gonzalez til four in the afternoon instead of Monday as previously planned. So we headed over. As we drove, all I could think about was Mom. In my head I could hear her say it's ok don't worry you will be fine, just be there for him. I prayed as we entered the funeral home, which was completely full of family and friends for this young man. About 200 people showed to pay respect to him and his family. I prayed that his body would be in the room opposite from where mom's was. But it wasn't. I walked into the room right behind Al and a picture flashed in front of my eyes. A picture of the day my mother was there laying at rest, very peaceful. The day that my sisters and I were mourning the loss of our mother and greeting family and friends as they arrived. But as that picture flashed before my eyes I also felt a very light pat on my back and faint whisper "it's ok mija". I had a tear rolling down my face not for my mother but for Al and his family of cousins.

I have been praying for this young man's family for a while now, back about 2 mths ago this young man's brother was brutally beaten by eight men who left him for dead. He recovered and has pulled through but just as he has almost completely recovered his brother was shot. We can't ask why just wonder.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't let me see you

Last night me and my son, Michael stopped at a Valero to put gas in my truck, as we are entering the store I noticed 4 boys walking towards the station as well. When they walked in I noticed one stood real close to me, the other three stood close by the door and down the first aisle. I took my little wallet I carry around my neck/shoulder and removed it to the other side of me. I wasn't waiting in line, I was waiting for my son who happen to be at the counter.

Now I don't automatically assume someone is going to do bad just by looking at them but I had this weird feeling inside me. So I stepped outside walking between two of the boys. Once of them had a couple of packages of T-shirts in his hand from the Dollar Gen store and another had a box of Little Debbie snacks, opened.

I went and stood next to my truck and got my keys out in my hand. As I watched one cmoe out the store, I could tell he was holding something. Sure enough when he slightly turned my way he was hold a 1/2 gal of ice cream in front of him with two hands as to where no one would see him. I walked right over and told him to 'take that back right now!' He turned and said 'ok' started to hand it to me and then just took off with ice cream in hand. You little Shit! I yelled after him, "that's ok, I know where you live, I'll be by in a bit with the cops!" OF course I didn't know where he lives but I thought maybe, just maybe that might scare him into coming back.

Anyway, I went straight into the store and told the clerk to call the police and what happen and I told his friends that they needed to stay put til the police arrived. They all three started with "why is it on us, we didn't do it?" I said "well because you are all with him and know him and all came in together" I held the door so one couldn't leave and he looked at me, I wished he had tried something. I let the door go and they left walking off, I yelled at them and told them that if they leave they are just as responsible as the one that took the ice cream. Called the cops gave my info, and description, got in my truck and hell yeah I went to looking. Stopped 4 boys who were walking away from Albertson's just to make sure that wasn't them, told them that if the police stop them to let them know a lady in a suburban has already stopped them and that they are not the group. Came across the police going up and down the streets and asked me questions and took off in one direction and I took off in another looking for these little thugs.

Don't let me see them because I will beat the hell out of them, sit on their ass til the police arrive. I also found out they attend NMHS Don't let me see them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nate is a FIGHTER

He is in remission!!!! MRI yesterday shows clear. OMGoodness, GOD is awesome!! I just rec'd the following email from my boss, Wes.

Praise God, Nate's MRI is clear and he is in remission. This is truly an awesome thing that God has done. Nate has been through so much, but keeps bouncing back thanks to our LORD. He will get MRIs every three months for the next two years. His cancer is aggressive and could pop back up at any time in the next five years, so continued prayers are critical. We are so very thankful for all of your prayers, and want everyone to know that we serve a very big God. God can take even the smallest percent of survival and perform a miracle. It has been a long road and will continue to be, but today we are victorious. Please continue to pray for the cancer to stay away and for him to recover physically with his walking, talkingan and cognitive skills. May God bless you all.
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Praise be to God!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Orienteering, Rifles & Vica.......Oh my!

Well, Vica has taken up orienteering at NMHS for her freshman year. Her first meet was back in September and she ran the beginner course, White. Seeing as she has never done anything like this, I thought to myself ok, winning times for this course are anywhere from 35-40 minutes. I set a goal of one hour. She completed the course in 00:59:24, YES she did it in under an hour!!! When she completes her three meets, my understanding is she will recieve her fatigue pants and O shirt.

She also tried out for the rifle team as well. Each target is a max 10 points with 6 targets to hit. She hit 3 at 8 pts, 1 at 10 pts, and 2 at 4 & 6 pts. She has only shot a rifle once or twice when her dad took her hunting. Really proud of her.

This coming Saturday, Vica has another orienteering meet in Dallas. I will be there as well since at the last meet one of the NTOA members asked if I could help out at the next one. I loved it! Watching everyone to see how long it took them to run their course. There were several older people like in their late 40's, early 50's and so forth. You have to finish your course in under 3:00 hours or you're disqualified and everyone I know of finished with that time limit. Whew!

Monday, October 5, 2009

For me

My sisters gave me a surprise birthday dinner Sunday. :)

Me and Mira had planned to go shopping for homecoming mum supplies on Sunday and apparently her and my other sis, Daniela, planned a dinner at Mira's house. After we went shopping, we stopped at her house to pick up some items that I was going to give to someone for there birthday. I knocked on the door because I knew that her daughter and son were there. I hear commotion and told Mira "what the hell is going on" I could hear someone saying 'hide' 'wait' and so forth.

As we walked in I see my sister Daniela at first and thought to myself "oh you're still here" then she moved to one side and I saw Gabino and then heard "Mananitas" playing. I started crying and they said happy birthday. My sister took some pics of me while i was crying and Lord do I look pitiful. As I stood there and cried for some time I hid my face in my sweater and then I felt as if someone were hugging me. Mira's house is where my mother is resting high on a shelf where she can see everything. So her presence is there and I really believe that my mother was hugging me in spirit.

We enjoyed italian crusted chicken strips with my favorite, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls and ranch style beans. then desert was a chocolate cake that my brother-in-law made.

Don't know how many candles were on the cake but I blew them all out, with one blow. :)

I love my family.