Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend venture

Ok my haul for this weekend was 4 double paks of SUN paper and 6 tubs of Landolakes butter, my cost was $5.00. I had coupons for the butter at .50 off double to 1.00 and kroger had the butter on sale 10/10.

My daughter played her last soccer game for now. Lost 6-0 =(, Mario had a small family pizza party for his birthday, he's hopping around pretty good.

Sunday was such a beautiful day that I washed clothes, oh yeah a friend of mine sold me his washer for $50!!! Well, I washed clothes and hung them outside to dry and I completed 5 loads!! I had all my windows opened yesterday the breeze was nice and I also visited my Aunt Ramona who was sitting out on her swing with Juanita enjoying this pretty weather we had.

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