Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok I had a very nice weekend. Friday night went to NMHS football game, daughter played with the Big Blue band, NMHS won!

Saturday did some shopping to use Q's and almost had it out with the stupid cashier at Wags, according to her if the item I purchase if less than the coupon says to take off that would be "stealing by coupon" LOL can you imagine? Well, one call to corporate office will fix that today. She flat our refused to use my Manu Q's. Never fear, Beli's bitchin' is here. =) I will get my items along with an apology. Spent the rest of Saturday clipping my new coupons, organizing and watching movies. I was being spoiled seeing as I went and stayed at my sister's house to stay with mom, while her and the hubster went to San Antonio to his company picnic. She has cable! I love me some Tru TV, Discovery Channel.

Sunday, me and Al attended the Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay game at Texas Stadium. Cowboys won!! Al was like man this is so cool.

Finally made it home around 11:30pm. Now when we left Saturday from my house it was about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so we left plenty of water and food for the dog and cat to last til we got home Sunday. Well, we get home, see Vica's bedroom door open meaning one thing.......her cats got out. That's not a problem because they are all litter trained.

So we start calling them and I hear this frantic Meow coming from my kitchen and I can't seem to find the darn cat. Again, MEOW, finaly after a few more of them, we see my daughter's cat's head stuck, yes I said STUCK in the little hole on a desk. Let me explain

I have a desk in my kitchen, it has the door where the computer tower stand goes, however at this point nothing is in there. In that space is a hole to pass your wires through and that is where the cat's head was stuck. Now Lord only knows how long she was there because yes she had peed on herself and feces. The door to this area was not open however the shelf right above it does not go all the way to the back so I can only guess she got CURIOUS and jumped on the small shelf and fell to the bottom of the tower cabinet and couldn't get the door open so she tried to get out through the hole. I broke away part of the desk to get her out, went immediately to bathe her and she sat there like nothing under that running water. I think she knew I was trying to make her smell good. STUPID CAT!

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