Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I have volunteered for PTA once again and once again I get the chair I like most. Hospitality and Volunteer coordinator. McDonald Middle School has gone without a full PTA for almost 3 years and well what little PTA they did have didn't do much for the kids, sad to say.

Well, I found out the faculty staff has never been recognized previously, so I am bringing that to the table and it was voted in unanimously.......yeah! Also, we will have door prizes for the meetings, which we found out never happened either. So here I go in search of items to give away =)

Other news: Mario my nephew broke his Femur bone in Monday night's football game. Apparently, he was carrying the ball and was tackled by two other players. I was on my way to the game when I caught a red light at Motley and Town East, ambulance passes right in front of me and this weird feeling passes over me...........oh no it's Mario. Sure enough when I pulled up and walked into the stands lo and behold the ambulance at mid-field. He was rushed to the hospital and taken to OR at about 11pm, fixed him up and back to walking again. He is doing so good, not once has he cried or yelled/screamed from the pain. He's only 14 but man is he sucking it up. I love you M&M!

Also, found out that I will be able to go to Georgia for Thanksgiving afterall!!!! More details on that later.

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