Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Q's and headaches

Ok last night I made my first trip to Target, I don't usually shop there but with Q's I made an exception. I had TargetWeb Q's for $1.00 off Lipton tea and Manufact for .60 Off lipton tea. That would have made my tea .29 cents each box!! Got to the register and Lo and behold, we can't take two coupons for one item. WHAT?!?!? Um yes you can, your other store took them in Irving.

Long story short, I was nice as can be to the lady who was rude and wouldn't look at me. I told her well then just remove my tea and I'll deal with your store manager. She looked at me like "can you go to hell?" LOL

Well, this morning, my first call was to Target manager, acting store manager is Brian, he stated "YES you can use both Target and Manufact on one item and I do apologize for the confusion, apparently we have a coupon training issue I will have to deal with." So he said come on in again tonight and I'll make sure you don't have the same problem.

Thanks Brian!!

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Daniela6968 said...

Ha Ha! You're first experience with a coupon police! They don't know nuttin'!