Thursday, October 23, 2008

Female to the Rescue to a MAN in distress - LOL

Ok this actually happen a week ago or so but I had failed to post because right around that time, I started getting hooked on coupons. LOL

It was a Friday night and my BF was to take me to dinner. I get a call from Al, "Hey I had to turn around, Primo called and he truck broke down on the side of the highway." His primo has a suburban just like mine. So I say "ok, did you need me to come and pull him with mine? (Al has a small car) Al "yes please" so he proceeds to tell me where they are. Luckily they are on the service road completely off the roadway.

I get there and I, BELINDA, a female, diagnosed the problem to THREE guys (ALL MALES), its' your alternator. Ok, so I tell them we can just take it off and go buy another one and put it on. simple, right? NOT!

None of the 3 guys knew how to change out an alternator. OMGatos! So, I, Belinda, proceed to remove MY toolbox from my truck, shaking my head the whole time in disbelief of course. I get up on the truck and proceed to remove the alternator in no more than say 7 minutes. Then we head over to the parts store, purchase the new one, return to the scene of laughter (in my head) and proceed to install the new one for them.

Finished, got their battery recharged with my truck, their truck started right up, no problem.

Being single for 18 years has finally paid OFF!! LOL

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