Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

Well, All City tryouts were yesterday and sad to say, Vica didn't make it. But there is still 4 more years to come.

Went to Kroger last night found the no nonsense trouser socks on sale for .99 each and with my 1.00 off coupon, I got 10 pairs FREE!!!

Found the Cottenelle 4-pak on sale for 1.19 with my .25 coupon I got the 4-pk for just .47! I stocked up on this one, I think we have enough to last through all of winter.

Weekend is here yeahhhhh! It's Halloween and it's my very first year to hand out candy and I'm so excited. My daughter is going to her friends house this time and so I'll be home with Al and we are going to hand out candy and doing some scaring. hehe

On another note, I found out a couple of days ago that my good friend has her daughter in the hospital in ICU. Apparently, her heart started beating very fast and was taken to emergency, well they had to do surgery and put a catherer in her heart. She is in ICU at this time and there were other complications from the surgery. Anyone reading this blog, I ask that you please pray for my friend. She is only 25 and has two small children, ages 4 & 5. Thanks

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