Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I had the last say

Ok went to Target again yesterday to finish off my Lipton Q's, I proceeded to a cashier and come to find out, it's Sara. The cashier who denied my Q's last time, stating that they could only accept one or the other and not both Manufacture/Target Q's on one item.

After scanning my items, I handed her my Q's, she stops and turns to tell me "sorry we can't take both on one item." I stopped her and corrected by stating
"Yes you can. You are allowed one Manufact and one Target unless it says "can not be combined" which neither do." She started to tell me again and I stopped her again and our conversation went like this

Me: yes you can or you can ask Brian if you'd like
Sara: who's Brian?
Me: he's your store manager, who informed me that I could indeed use both of my
Sara: (looked at me like huh?)
Me: OR if you'd like I can bring your coupon policy in from my truck, I had it emailed to me directly from corporate.

I got 5 boxes of the family size tea bags for $1.45

Have a nice day Sara!

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