Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to do

Ok my son Michael has had alot of ups and downs in his life in the past 2 years. More downs according to him than ups. Well, recently he called me to come and get him from his then girlfriends house. Apparently, something happen that he touched her and she states that be became violent, which he says he didn't and others said the same. Anyway, so I here I go from a sound sleep to getting dressed, my son being 17 and all I thought mid-night trips were over with =), to going from Mesquite to Irving to pick him up.

Arrived back at my house and lucky I have a spare room. We spent two entire days together seeing as I was on vacation that week. I must say my son has changed some in the way he treats me and I see a bit more appreciation towards me. :)

Well, I know he doesn't want to stay with me and he insist that he wants to stay in MacArthur high school because the teachers are just so much better. NOT! Well, I gave him his options at my house. He would have his own room, rules of course, attend NMHS or Eastfield and get a GED. Everything is within walking distance as well for a part time if not full time job. His answer was no.

Well, yesterday he was being investigated by the school's truant officer and we both paid him a visit. The truant officer was very stern and meant business. He was nice enough to give Michael til Monday to come up with something however whomever he stays with has to apply for educational guardianship and get approved. Well, we both had visited a friend of his and his dad, Darrell. Right now is not a good time for them, one of their mother's is dying of lung cancer and I can imagine what they are going thru. The dad did mention he would give him a try however that was before they found out about the mother having lung cancer. Also, they don't know that they have to apply for Educational Guardianship. I told Michael, that he needs to do something.

Michael insist that he wants to attend Irivng school because the teachers are better than at NMHS, however the officer told Michael exactly what I've told him for the past 2 years.............NMHS is a better school than MacArthur High. NMHS ranks in the top3-5 schools in all of Texas. Michael didn't like that. The officer also told him that he thinks he wants to come to MacArthur just to keep an eye on his ex-girlfriend. Michael didn't like that either but the officer told him the truth.

So here I am waiting on Michael to make a decision, because when he turns 18 in December, the school will not allow any classes skipped otherwise they will gladly show him the door.

So by Monday he will either have someone in Irving or be back home with me for how long, Lord only knows.

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