Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, today everyone who votes will decide who our new Prez will be. I for one am registered to vote however, I don't plan to vote. I will however, be working the elections this evening.

Alot of my friends ask why I don't vote and to me it's very simple. I don't believe in anything either has to say or offer, therefore why vote for something you don't believe in.

Now I may push some buttons on this topic with anyone who reads my blog, but this is me talking and it's what I think and believe.

Why vote if you aren't in agreement with either party, just to say you voted. My friends tell me "you should be proud to be American, you get a chance to vote and let your voice be heard." well, yes i could but i have yet to hear a candiate where it makes me say or think 'I NEED TO VOTE FOR HIM'. If I don't vote then I don't have a reason to gripe when things get bad. Now whoever gets elected and should he make a difference in his coming four years and I feel he would be right for another four years then if he should be on the ballot again at the next election, given I still live, then I might vote.

The same thing with Church. I don't go to church. I believe in God and Lord Jesus Christ, I have faith, I pray, I partake of his body and blood everyday with every meal he provides me with. However, growing up going to church every week, the older I got the more I noticed that more than 50% of the church I was going to were hypocrites. You preach one thing but live another. Now, I'm not a perfect Christian, however, I don't pretend to be either. As I said before, I pray and I've been tested by my Lord, But I have also been rewarded.

To me Church is a building where people gather to "worship" the Lord, however, my house is my Church.

Happy Voting!

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