Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sonic has me for life!

Ok last Friday, Ana my coworker made a trip to Sonic on N Beltline Rd to get us a brown bag special. She ordered her burger with no onion, no pickle and mine was to be Plain with cheese only, 1 fry, 1 tater tot, 2 drinks. She gets back to the office and I took mine out of the bag, it had a special sticker on it, well it wasn't plain and hers had onions and pickles.

So I return to the Sonic and pushed the red order button, I requested someone come out to correct my order. I was (not) greeted by a very unfriendly person, explained what was wrong and had to explain to this person three times before she understood what was wrong with my order, yes she spoke good english. Goes inside, comes back out gives me my order, corrected, and turns her back and proceeds to the next vehicle.

I didn't get so much as a Hello, what seems to be the problem, thank you, absolutely NOTHING. Well, I got back to the office and sat my butt at my computer and looked up the owner to the Sonic and wrote them a letter explaining my entire visit and so forth.

Well, today a older gentleman paid me a visit and it was the OWNER to the Sonic Restaurant I had complained about. What a wonderful man! he just couldn't apologize enough to me for what happen. And repeatedly asked what can I do for you, I want to keep your business. He said that the manager should have come out when I mentioned I needed my order corrected. He has several Sonics and has 800 employees, said might be 799 after he visits that store, and took time from his day to pay me a visit! I love it! He guaranteed me a gift card in the mail seeing as he rushed over when he rec'd my letter in the mail, apparently the address I sent it to went straight to his home address, and didn't stop to get a GC on his way. That is what I call AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM AN OWNER who cares about one person when he serves thousands on a daily basis thru his business.

As he left he mentioned that hopefully I would continue to visit his Sonic and have made a friend for life.

Thanks Dick Lear you have made my week!