Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clearance everywhere

OMGatos! Night before last I stopped at CVS for some personal items and found their Halloween clearance table. Everything was 90% off!! I purchased like 10 lipsticks (red & black), 2 witches hats (very cute), 2 skull signs w/eyes that light, foam bracelet kits, 6 bxs of 6 sidewalk bag lights, 5 9ft pumpkin LED light, 5 of the stuff a pumpkin, spider bags, 15 glo bracelets & necklaces, 2 4ft blow ups of frankie & a ghost, 1 tombstone, 5 jason masks, 1 scream mask, spider ring, goth necklace all for under $20!!!

Then I headed over to Alberstons and they have their stuff on clearance as well. Only 75% but still a good sale, got a few things there too. I figured I'm set for next Halloween to decorate my yard the proper Halloween way! =)

Last night I took mom to the grocery store and I found some good deals at Kroger
3 liter ozarka water .50
powerade .50
carnation milk .50 (free w/my Q)
swiss miss hot choc .50

Hell I made out like a bandit, oh and did I mention I bought 20 tubes of Colgate toothpaste for $1.08? Gotta love it!!

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