Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween.....not the same =(

Well, I got to dress up again this year as always but this year was different. I got to hand out candy for the time in my life. I even bought Boots a little costume. I wore a black dress, black cape, 3-headed skull cane, with spider choker, some make-up and ready to go. Picture a little table with candy basket, pumpkin, small candle and a goblet with "blood" to drink.

Halloween is NOT the same as it was before. There was maybe 4 houses giving out candy on our block. When I was small, you could go to each and every house to collect candy and you would get bags full. Now it's like no one wants to give any candy out and I know some of them might be because of the weirdos out there but because of them the little ones have to pay. How sad.

Maybe next year I can get the whole neighborhood in on it. Here's to wishful thinking!

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