Monday, November 17, 2008

What a weekend

Friday me, mom, Daniela, Miranda and Al headed over to the Starplex to watch Mama Mia and oh what a GREAT MOVIE!!!! Even Al loved it! Saturday morn headed over to sisters to get her and mom with JoJo to head over to Six Flags.

We try to make this every year since my younger sister started with the Mary Kay Corp. They have their company picnic there each year so it's a private event where the park is closed to the public and only Mary Kay employees and family and friends who purchase those special tickets get in. That means lines are so short you can ride almost all the rides within a two hour span!

The last ride we got on was the great wooden coaster "THE TEXAS GIANT". front seat for me and Al. We rode this ride 4 times without leaving our seats!

Sunday, headed over to my friend's house Ceci, her daughter is doing good since she was just released from the hospital due to some heart trouble and being in there for a month and a half. Then headed to Daniela's to help organize her coupons but we got sidetracked with sales and headed to the stores. I was able to buy groceries for $30 and that included 6 bottles cooking oil, 6 boxes cereal, 6 boxes of Quaker chewy bars, 3 4lb bags sugar, 10 cans of dog food, 2 5lb bag cat food, foil, 7 pkgs of cupcakes baking cups, 6 old fashion oatmeal. Then headed over to Albertson's and got 36 cans of tomatoe sauce, 6 boxes of the 14oz+ of Kelloggs cereal for $5.00!! Then I headed home, unloaded and headed back out with my Glade coupons for the warmers and double refill packs. CVS has sale and my coupon was buy one refill get warmer free, plus CVS gives you money back on these. So for aobut $15.00 out of pocket I rec'd 17 of the Warmers (4.99 - 7.99), 17 double pack refills. I saved $166.66 by using my coupons and their Extra care bucks. After my late night of shopping I settled down with a nice bowl of ice cream, watched a repeated Dateline and finally headed to bed at 3 a.m.

This morning I get up head to work and start the week again.

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