Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a good day

Today was not a good day, I cried and bit my tongue and almost walked out on my job today. Ok, we have a million dollar home client whose policy went up by 25% due to the company have two rate revisions in the past year. This happens to be my boss' cousin. Now mind you I don't treat my clients any differently if they family, friends or whoever. But according to my boss I should have been on top of this policy more than 3 weeks ago, BUT my boss doesn't want me to talk to this insured either. GO figure!

Now we have another client whose policy is in jep due to agency error, yes I said agency error. This policy's premium doesn't compare to the million dollar home but to me they are both equally important. Now my boss lost a client today and calls us into the office to give the "I need my messages" lecture. This happens to lead to the discussion about which policy is priorty. UM YEAH! I walked away when he touched that subject and he's like "are you walking away?" I said NO I'm not but I'm not having this conversation with you either. I'm tired of you doing the who's important and who's not bit!! Then I left for about a 10 min lunch, hell I was too mad to even eat.

Lord please give me the strength to continue this day and prepare me Lord for what comes my way. Amen!

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