Monday, December 29, 2008

Al cried...

Oh yes, Al has become a movie buff. He loves to watch all the different movies no matter what it is. He has become fond of action, drama and romantic ones. He loves Harrison Ford, Arnold, Tyler Perry and so. Well, last night we watched A Walk to Remember, with Mandy Moore and Shane West.

I was sitting in front of him and had my back to him when all of a sudden I hear a sniffle. What?!?! I turned around and see Al crying. If you have watched this movie you can't help but cry. But the thing is Al had previously mentioned that he's never seen a movie that makes him cry, well this one did. So I turn back around and I have a roll of paper to wipe my eyes and nose and on the scene where he goes and sees his father and crys and hugs him(7:46), I hear Al again, so without turning back I handed him the roll of paper and he says "Thanks" :)

After the movie, he says, I didn't want you to see me crying but I couldn't help it.

My Christmas

Oh my I have so much to write about it's not even funny. This may have to be done in two parts. lol

Well, let me start by saying that being with Al's family was so much fun, except for him. I enjoyed watching all the kids open their presents and their eyes just sparkling! Afterwards we ate tamales and buñelos and OMG they were good especially with a glass of milk. Well our night ended with me going home about 11pm or so, Al stayed at his house seeing as he had one too many and I wouldn't hear of him coming with me. :) I got a good nights rest too.

Christmas day I hear banging on the door and it's Al, it's about 7am and I get up and start my cleaning and cook my rice, family was to be there at 8 or 9am. I finished everything, lighted some candles and put on some christmas music and waited and waited and waited. Finally around 11am or so I find out my sister had been in line since 7:30am waiting on tamales at Dallas Tortilla. OMG! yes she said it took that long to get her order, they ran out of tamales.

Anyhoo, Sabrina was able to make it too with Julissa, Rene actuall accompanied her into the house, they didn't stay long but long enough to do the Gift exchange. I got a pair of Buffet Lamps that I had purchased for the gift exchange, Michael got a waffle maker. We all opened presents and I guess I was extremely good this year :), I got my very first Crock Pot given to me by my lil sis, Mira. Mom gave me a 51 pc kitchen set that included bowls, spoons, forks, bowls with covers, frying pan, saucepan, both with lids, also included a strainer, chip clippers and some other small stuff. I really liked it. My big sis, Dani, gave me a blue tote bag with several pockets. This is one that I had been eyeing since I first saw them in CVS when. I kept hoping I could get enough ECB's to buy this one but then when I did have enough, every CVS I stepped into didn't have the blue one! ARGHHH well, I got it anyway thanks to my sis. Oh and Mira also gave me a set of construction lamps as I call them. Well, first when I saw the box I was like alright, then she looked at me and that look kinda said nope it's just a box I used, then I opened it and yep it was the lamps! She had me in tears. Al, gave me a very nice comforter only thing is I have a queen bed and he gave me a twin, so I put it on Vica's bed, she likes it.

After presents, we women played some poker, I lost, then we headed over to Bingo and again I didn't win but I did have fun and I'm glad mom was able to go.

All in all we had a very good time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to ALL!!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and many more to come. I will be leaving work early today and head straight to Al's place and get together with the other women to make Buñelos, Tamales and Chocolate. MMMMMMM Anyhoo, this will be my first Christmas that I get to spend this kind of time with a significant other's family and I'm so looking forward to it. In all of my 23 years of my grown up life, I have never been fortunate enough to spend christmas with a loved one by my side that I can truly say is my other 1/2. We'll be there a good part of today, with all the nieces and nephews to open their gifts.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I get to spend with my side of the family at my house and we'll eat tamales, open gifts and play some poker and act crazy as usual. I can always count on my side of the family providing some good laughs together, at times we may argue but in the end we truly love each other to no end.

Monday, December 22, 2008

One Year

Well, today is one year that me and Al met. It's been a roller coaster of a year too let me tell you. Now for the friends that I have, they know tha I don't tolerate drunks, none whatsoever.

Well, Al drinks and when I met him he was sober and drinking and after about 4 or 5 beers he didn't seem like he had been drinking, so I figured, ok this guy can hold his alcohol and is doing good. Well, after meeting him and going out to dinners dancing and drinking everytime I started noticing that he seemed to be more on that side of the line than on this side of the line if know what I mean. Well, one night after I got home from a movie, at about 1am he comes knocking on my front door, now this is 2 or 3 months after we had met and decided we would date. So he knocks on the front door, I opened it and saw him and noticed he is drunk. He says "You going to let me in?" I said "NO!", Al: well then shut the door on me. ME: SLAM!

I shut the door on him and he stood there for about 3-4 minutes and then decided to leave. I guess he thought I wouldn't shut the door. LOL He apparently didn't know me very well at the time. He came back the next day, sober of course and he asked why I shut the door and I simply said "because you were drunk and you're not allowed in my house that way"

Well, after that night, he has slowed down his drinking. But about 2 mths after that, we were out with some friends and he decided to drink, I don't mind him drinking what I don't like is that he doesn't control himself and gets stupid at times and just irritates the hell out of me. Anyway, so here we go again he gets drunk and doesn't care what he says and who hears him and just starts to talk stupid. I told him after about 6 -7 beers, ok no more you're past that line we talked about. He says, "Me vale" I just looked at him. OH OK te vale well, then you buddy can find a ride home. He says "nah you won't leave me" Um yes I will and I did! He didn't bother calling me until about 2 days later and it was to apologize and to see if he could come over. I said ok no problem.

Well, he came over, apologized and promised never to get drunk again. Well, he kept his word, partially, on getting drunk. after that day he stopped drinking on a daily basis. Even at times when we're with his family, he won't drink not one beer. He said he prefers to keep me, rather than to lose me over drinking. Good man!

Well, he stills drinks on occasions when the brother-in-laws get together for cookouts and parties, but we don't go much dancing anymore, he doesn't know how to dance. Yes he'll get drunk once in a while but he knows not to bother me with stupidity and that once we get home he has to crash. So far it's been working.

I love him, I love the way he treats me and he's good to my entire family. He loves my daughter, thinks my son Michael is a great kid and is dying to meet Gabriel and my grandson, as I. His entire family has accepted me as well and I feel in place when I'm with him.

Now let's see if I can make it another year. Yes I said I rather than WE. LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barely get thru the week....

We had ice on Monday after work, Tuesday morning I tried to come to work but as I hit Ferguson and I-30 it was backed up with accidents and decided to take the Ferguson exit and take side streets. As i exited the vehicle in front of me put his brakes on coming up on the red light and he slid into a complete 360. I said um no I don't think I'll be in today. Luckily, I was far enough behind him that I could catch the right hand turn lane and not chance trying to stop behind him.

So I missed work and enjoyed my day at home. Came back to work on Wednesday and really didnt' feel like coming in today either. This weather just makes me want to curl up with a good movie.

Monday, December 15, 2008

His Family

Well, this weekend was a great weekend!!! After 11 1/2 months of dating, Al's family came over to my house. I had a yard sale Saturday and his brother's showed and mom. Michael, Al and his brother, Jesus, raked up all the leaves for Tia Ramona, then his other brother, Lorenzo and his family came over, they decided to stay and his 3rd brother, Miguel, headed on over too with his family. The weather was beautiful so we all chipped in and had a family cookout. Marinated Fajitas, marinated tablitas, marinated boneless chicken breast, some homemade rice, and boom it was on! The guys of course had their beer, 2 - 12 pks, 3 18-pks!!

Funny how at times when I'm around women I have nothing in common because I like so many things that men like, except for women, lol anway but I actually have sister-in-laws who I can communicate with, they're not stuck up and are very accepting of me, I'm so glad, and his mother I found out through him and his brother, Jesus, prefers me over her other daughter-in-laws! WOOHOO!!

I love all my nieces and nephews, all 8 of them and they are all under the age of 10! We women talked about raising children, cooking, me couponing (LOL), Santa clause with the kids. The kids, Vica and Marisol hit if off right away, the other kids were all running around and I even went to play hide & seek with them. Just like old times. Everyone started to head out about 9pm, Al and his brother stayed in the back drinking til about 2am but only because I made them come in and go to bed and then i did my coupon thing and headed to my friendly 24 hr CVS and Walgreens.

Sunday, I had been invited to a Welcome Baby, the baby was premature 1 month or so and arrived before the actually baby shower could take place. :) Anyway, so we headed over there and this was for his side of the family. While there found out that his brother Miguel loves the Dallas Cowboys and he invited us over to watch the game. So we headed over to his house and watched Cowboys kick New Yorks ass. LOL
headed home and crashed!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Letter Time

Ok so I had to write a letter to McDonalds because of one of their stupid employees. Here is the letter I mailed

December 12, 2008

SUITE 1820
13355 NOEL RD
DALLAS, TEXAS 752406602

To Whom It May Concern:

I have never been treated as disrespectful as I was treated in your store on the night of 12/11/2008. As I pulled up in the drive-thru lane there were 3 cars in front of me, the first window said to stop and pay here, I did and no one ever showed up, I proceeded and the 2nd window had the same sign, I again waited and no one showed up. I waited a total of 3 or 4 minutes between the two windows and so I went ahead and pulled up to the 3rd and final window. I am not greeted but reprimanded by your employee, Elvia. She told me, the window to order is back there it has a sign on it, as I started to explain that I had waited she interrupted me and said well it’s back there you need to back up, closed the drive-thru window and left. Then another employee opened the window where I was, looked at me like, what do you need. I tried to order and she shut the window on me as well. Then I honked, knocked on the window and nothing. I was there at that window for 7 minutes and your employee never came back to take my order. I honked a final time and she waves at me from the back window and yells “you need to come back here to order”.

I was beyond upset at this point, it’s 1:00 a.m. and I was hungry and my son was hungry and we were both dumbfounded as to why your employee would do this. So then I put my vehicle in reverse, waited 2 minutes again and Elvia finally shows up only after I honk again. I asked for the manager’s name and phone number and she tells me that I can look it up at OMG I was flabbergasted at this woman. Then I tell her no I need you to write it down for me and then she points to the front window and says I’ll have to get a pen and paper. I’m like what the??? Finally, she comes back to the back window and hands me a receipt. I then questioned why she didn’t just take my order and was explaining and she tried to interrupt me again and I told her “um no I’m not finished” as I said that she looked at me and rolled her eyes and seemed frustrated with me!

I have never visited your store this late however, we had been out Christmas shopping, heading home and figured ok McD’s is open 24 hours so we’ll stop by, I live 4 – 5 blocks from your store and I see that we made a big, no a huge mistake by doing so. So we pulled away and Taco Bell across the street was glad to take my order and my money!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, yesterday I went to therapy and my should is hurting more, so I was to receive a shot of muscle relaxer, :) Got that about 945 /10 am or so and all day nothing, well this morning I can more my arm a bit more higher almost shoulder height.

So I am finding that my body doesn't repsond to medicines as should. Either it makes me drowsy or doesne't kick in til the next morning. LOL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another weekend

Well, this weekend we were invited to my cousin's house in Providence. That's about an hour north from my house. The live in a small community and they had a community wide tree lighting with horse carrige rides, fresh cookies and hot cocoa, live band, and Gift cards to giveaway. And of course my cousin, John made dinner too :). He made a 5-cheese lagsna and let me tell you, I had never had lagsna that good. My son Michael loved it. While in line for the carriage rides, the guy making announcments was giving away Target gift cards and I won a $15.00 Gift Card. WOOHOO

All in all we had a blast, playing pictionary, twister and listening to Vica on her keyboard and french horn.

thanks John & Jacque!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Maria Leinen-Gonzales Photography

Here are a few pics from our photo shoot with a cousin who is starting her photography business. If you'd like to contract her for a photo shoot, please comment with your email address and I'll forward to her so that she can contact you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok yesterday I was too mad to post this so here it is.

I arrived at the office at 10:30 from therapy from my shoulder due to the lady who rearended me. Ana tells me that Randa wants me to call her so I do and it was not a good way to start my day at the office.

Randa makes it look like she is the best boss to work for and that she bends over backwards for her employees, etc....

Well here is what the conversation went like (small note: I told her on Monday and Wednesday of last week that we, me and michael, had therapy on Mon, Wed, Fri of next week)

Me: You wanted me to call you?

R: Yes what's this about the clinic?

Me: What, I had therapy this morning

R: You didn't tell me it was for Wed, only Monday and Ana told me you told her it was only for Wed and Fri, so which one is it?

Me: No Randa I told you that we had therapy on Mon, Wed, and Fri of next week and that they open at 8:30 so I won't be too late getting in.

R: Well, we need to work something out because I can't have Ana there alone all morning ( I got in at 10 / 10:30 office opens at 9am)

Me: Well, I'm sorry but my shoulder hurts and I can't extend my arm to the fullest and Michael has bad headaches and his neck is killing him

R: what time is your therapy?

Me: we don't have a set time you just walk in and sign in that's why I said we'll go as soon as they open so that there is no one infront of us. And it just depends on what the Dr. is going to have us do that determines the time frame.

R: well, I have a business to run and I need you at the office.

Me: (voice a bit firmer) Um I'm not going to argue with you, I think we should discuss this in the office when you get here not over the phone

R: You're not going to tell me what to do, you need to call the doctor and see what arrangements can be made. I'll see you when I get there.

All opinions are welcomed, Please

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, went by too fast if you ask me. However, for some odd reason felt like a Sunday every day this past off days. Anywho, my family gathered at my sister's house, had the fixins, watched the Cowboys beat Seattles ass, then headed out to the Casino. Lost of course but oh well, Al, Guicho, Gab all got drunk off their ass and all the way up to Okie they were laughing, singing, yes i said singing and drinking, coming back was another story. LOL ROFLMAO - Sis D didn't feel strong enough to drive back Gab was sober enough to so he did, Al crashed in back seat, Mija and Guicho took back seat as well with Guicho in the middle. About 1/2 way back home, Mija is yelling Guicho is throwing up, he's throwing up. So we pulled over and let him out. LOL how funny, they weren't singing now huh?

Wednesday I was prepared with my coupons and ready to hit CVS at midnight to start the Thanksgiving 3-day sale and Wags sale also, well I couldn't for the life of me find my car keys. We looked and looked and Michael and me even thought that maybe I left them in the truck so here we go to pry open my door with no luck. Stranded and no one to take me to the sales. :( Oh well, early bedtime, Thurs, sister picked me up, didn't find my keys til Saturday. Where you ask? Hanging in the kitchen on a plate display where I never hang them before. DOH!

Talk about kicking myself over and over. Last night made a couple of store runs and then searched for ALL my xmas deco,hung up lights around my carport, today we tackle the tree.