Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas

Oh my I have so much to write about it's not even funny. This may have to be done in two parts. lol

Well, let me start by saying that being with Al's family was so much fun, except for him. I enjoyed watching all the kids open their presents and their eyes just sparkling! Afterwards we ate tamales and buñelos and OMG they were good especially with a glass of milk. Well our night ended with me going home about 11pm or so, Al stayed at his house seeing as he had one too many and I wouldn't hear of him coming with me. :) I got a good nights rest too.

Christmas day I hear banging on the door and it's Al, it's about 7am and I get up and start my cleaning and cook my rice, family was to be there at 8 or 9am. I finished everything, lighted some candles and put on some christmas music and waited and waited and waited. Finally around 11am or so I find out my sister had been in line since 7:30am waiting on tamales at Dallas Tortilla. OMG! yes she said it took that long to get her order, they ran out of tamales.

Anyhoo, Sabrina was able to make it too with Julissa, Rene actuall accompanied her into the house, they didn't stay long but long enough to do the Gift exchange. I got a pair of Buffet Lamps that I had purchased for the gift exchange, Michael got a waffle maker. We all opened presents and I guess I was extremely good this year :), I got my very first Crock Pot given to me by my lil sis, Mira. Mom gave me a 51 pc kitchen set that included bowls, spoons, forks, bowls with covers, frying pan, saucepan, both with lids, also included a strainer, chip clippers and some other small stuff. I really liked it. My big sis, Dani, gave me a blue tote bag with several pockets. This is one that I had been eyeing since I first saw them in CVS when. I kept hoping I could get enough ECB's to buy this one but then when I did have enough, every CVS I stepped into didn't have the blue one! ARGHHH well, I got it anyway thanks to my sis. Oh and Mira also gave me a set of construction lamps as I call them. Well, first when I saw the box I was like alright, then she looked at me and that look kinda said nope it's just a box I used, then I opened it and yep it was the lamps! She had me in tears. Al, gave me a very nice comforter only thing is I have a queen bed and he gave me a twin, so I put it on Vica's bed, she likes it.

After presents, we women played some poker, I lost, then we headed over to Bingo and again I didn't win but I did have fun and I'm glad mom was able to go.

All in all we had a very good time.

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