Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to ALL!!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and many more to come. I will be leaving work early today and head straight to Al's place and get together with the other women to make Buñelos, Tamales and Chocolate. MMMMMMM Anyhoo, this will be my first Christmas that I get to spend this kind of time with a significant other's family and I'm so looking forward to it. In all of my 23 years of my grown up life, I have never been fortunate enough to spend christmas with a loved one by my side that I can truly say is my other 1/2. We'll be there a good part of today, with all the nieces and nephews to open their gifts.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I get to spend with my side of the family at my house and we'll eat tamales, open gifts and play some poker and act crazy as usual. I can always count on my side of the family providing some good laughs together, at times we may argue but in the end we truly love each other to no end.

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