Monday, December 22, 2008

One Year

Well, today is one year that me and Al met. It's been a roller coaster of a year too let me tell you. Now for the friends that I have, they know tha I don't tolerate drunks, none whatsoever.

Well, Al drinks and when I met him he was sober and drinking and after about 4 or 5 beers he didn't seem like he had been drinking, so I figured, ok this guy can hold his alcohol and is doing good. Well, after meeting him and going out to dinners dancing and drinking everytime I started noticing that he seemed to be more on that side of the line than on this side of the line if know what I mean. Well, one night after I got home from a movie, at about 1am he comes knocking on my front door, now this is 2 or 3 months after we had met and decided we would date. So he knocks on the front door, I opened it and saw him and noticed he is drunk. He says "You going to let me in?" I said "NO!", Al: well then shut the door on me. ME: SLAM!

I shut the door on him and he stood there for about 3-4 minutes and then decided to leave. I guess he thought I wouldn't shut the door. LOL He apparently didn't know me very well at the time. He came back the next day, sober of course and he asked why I shut the door and I simply said "because you were drunk and you're not allowed in my house that way"

Well, after that night, he has slowed down his drinking. But about 2 mths after that, we were out with some friends and he decided to drink, I don't mind him drinking what I don't like is that he doesn't control himself and gets stupid at times and just irritates the hell out of me. Anyway, so here we go again he gets drunk and doesn't care what he says and who hears him and just starts to talk stupid. I told him after about 6 -7 beers, ok no more you're past that line we talked about. He says, "Me vale" I just looked at him. OH OK te vale well, then you buddy can find a ride home. He says "nah you won't leave me" Um yes I will and I did! He didn't bother calling me until about 2 days later and it was to apologize and to see if he could come over. I said ok no problem.

Well, he came over, apologized and promised never to get drunk again. Well, he kept his word, partially, on getting drunk. after that day he stopped drinking on a daily basis. Even at times when we're with his family, he won't drink not one beer. He said he prefers to keep me, rather than to lose me over drinking. Good man!

Well, he stills drinks on occasions when the brother-in-laws get together for cookouts and parties, but we don't go much dancing anymore, he doesn't know how to dance. Yes he'll get drunk once in a while but he knows not to bother me with stupidity and that once we get home he has to crash. So far it's been working.

I love him, I love the way he treats me and he's good to my entire family. He loves my daughter, thinks my son Michael is a great kid and is dying to meet Gabriel and my grandson, as I. His entire family has accepted me as well and I feel in place when I'm with him.

Now let's see if I can make it another year. Yes I said I rather than WE. LOL

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