Monday, December 29, 2008

Al cried...

Oh yes, Al has become a movie buff. He loves to watch all the different movies no matter what it is. He has become fond of action, drama and romantic ones. He loves Harrison Ford, Arnold, Tyler Perry and so. Well, last night we watched A Walk to Remember, with Mandy Moore and Shane West.

I was sitting in front of him and had my back to him when all of a sudden I hear a sniffle. What?!?! I turned around and see Al crying. If you have watched this movie you can't help but cry. But the thing is Al had previously mentioned that he's never seen a movie that makes him cry, well this one did. So I turn back around and I have a roll of paper to wipe my eyes and nose and on the scene where he goes and sees his father and crys and hugs him(7:46), I hear Al again, so without turning back I handed him the roll of paper and he says "Thanks" :)

After the movie, he says, I didn't want you to see me crying but I couldn't help it.

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