Monday, December 15, 2008

His Family

Well, this weekend was a great weekend!!! After 11 1/2 months of dating, Al's family came over to my house. I had a yard sale Saturday and his brother's showed and mom. Michael, Al and his brother, Jesus, raked up all the leaves for Tia Ramona, then his other brother, Lorenzo and his family came over, they decided to stay and his 3rd brother, Miguel, headed on over too with his family. The weather was beautiful so we all chipped in and had a family cookout. Marinated Fajitas, marinated tablitas, marinated boneless chicken breast, some homemade rice, and boom it was on! The guys of course had their beer, 2 - 12 pks, 3 18-pks!!

Funny how at times when I'm around women I have nothing in common because I like so many things that men like, except for women, lol anway but I actually have sister-in-laws who I can communicate with, they're not stuck up and are very accepting of me, I'm so glad, and his mother I found out through him and his brother, Jesus, prefers me over her other daughter-in-laws! WOOHOO!!

I love all my nieces and nephews, all 8 of them and they are all under the age of 10! We women talked about raising children, cooking, me couponing (LOL), Santa clause with the kids. The kids, Vica and Marisol hit if off right away, the other kids were all running around and I even went to play hide & seek with them. Just like old times. Everyone started to head out about 9pm, Al and his brother stayed in the back drinking til about 2am but only because I made them come in and go to bed and then i did my coupon thing and headed to my friendly 24 hr CVS and Walgreens.

Sunday, I had been invited to a Welcome Baby, the baby was premature 1 month or so and arrived before the actually baby shower could take place. :) Anyway, so we headed over there and this was for his side of the family. While there found out that his brother Miguel loves the Dallas Cowboys and he invited us over to watch the game. So we headed over to his house and watched Cowboys kick New Yorks ass. LOL
headed home and crashed!!

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