Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, went by too fast if you ask me. However, for some odd reason felt like a Sunday every day this past off days. Anywho, my family gathered at my sister's house, had the fixins, watched the Cowboys beat Seattles ass, then headed out to the Casino. Lost of course but oh well, Al, Guicho, Gab all got drunk off their ass and all the way up to Okie they were laughing, singing, yes i said singing and drinking, coming back was another story. LOL ROFLMAO - Sis D didn't feel strong enough to drive back Gab was sober enough to so he did, Al crashed in back seat, Mija and Guicho took back seat as well with Guicho in the middle. About 1/2 way back home, Mija is yelling Guicho is throwing up, he's throwing up. So we pulled over and let him out. LOL how funny, they weren't singing now huh?

Wednesday I was prepared with my coupons and ready to hit CVS at midnight to start the Thanksgiving 3-day sale and Wags sale also, well I couldn't for the life of me find my car keys. We looked and looked and Michael and me even thought that maybe I left them in the truck so here we go to pry open my door with no luck. Stranded and no one to take me to the sales. :( Oh well, early bedtime, Thurs, sister picked me up, didn't find my keys til Saturday. Where you ask? Hanging in the kitchen on a plate display where I never hang them before. DOH!

Talk about kicking myself over and over. Last night made a couple of store runs and then searched for ALL my xmas deco,hung up lights around my carport, today we tackle the tree.

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