Thursday, October 15, 2009

Orienteering, Rifles & Vica.......Oh my!

Well, Vica has taken up orienteering at NMHS for her freshman year. Her first meet was back in September and she ran the beginner course, White. Seeing as she has never done anything like this, I thought to myself ok, winning times for this course are anywhere from 35-40 minutes. I set a goal of one hour. She completed the course in 00:59:24, YES she did it in under an hour!!! When she completes her three meets, my understanding is she will recieve her fatigue pants and O shirt.

She also tried out for the rifle team as well. Each target is a max 10 points with 6 targets to hit. She hit 3 at 8 pts, 1 at 10 pts, and 2 at 4 & 6 pts. She has only shot a rifle once or twice when her dad took her hunting. Really proud of her.

This coming Saturday, Vica has another orienteering meet in Dallas. I will be there as well since at the last meet one of the NTOA members asked if I could help out at the next one. I loved it! Watching everyone to see how long it took them to run their course. There were several older people like in their late 40's, early 50's and so forth. You have to finish your course in under 3:00 hours or you're disqualified and everyone I know of finished with that time limit. Whew!

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