Monday, October 26, 2009


a place that I rather not but I know there will probably be other times like this one. I accompanied Al to Gonzalez funeral home on Saturday. One of his cousins that lived in St Louis, MO. was shot to death and his body was brought to Dallas for family and friends to attend a memorial before they were to take him back home to Durango Mexico.

Mr. Octavio Contreras was only 33 years old when he was fatally shot by a 17 yr old girl. Motive unknown at time of my blogging, only good thing is that with the help of the survellance cameras, they caught her and arrested her on a $1 million dollar bond. Charged with 1st degree murder. May he rest in peace knowing she was caught and may his mother and father have some kind of peace of mind as well.

I have never lost a loved one to a senseless death, as of yet. Anyone that has passed that I have known or is family have died of natural causes.

Saturday we found out his body would be at Gonzalez til four in the afternoon instead of Monday as previously planned. So we headed over. As we drove, all I could think about was Mom. In my head I could hear her say it's ok don't worry you will be fine, just be there for him. I prayed as we entered the funeral home, which was completely full of family and friends for this young man. About 200 people showed to pay respect to him and his family. I prayed that his body would be in the room opposite from where mom's was. But it wasn't. I walked into the room right behind Al and a picture flashed in front of my eyes. A picture of the day my mother was there laying at rest, very peaceful. The day that my sisters and I were mourning the loss of our mother and greeting family and friends as they arrived. But as that picture flashed before my eyes I also felt a very light pat on my back and faint whisper "it's ok mija". I had a tear rolling down my face not for my mother but for Al and his family of cousins.

I have been praying for this young man's family for a while now, back about 2 mths ago this young man's brother was brutally beaten by eight men who left him for dead. He recovered and has pulled through but just as he has almost completely recovered his brother was shot. We can't ask why just wonder.

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