Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, we had our thanksgiving, our first one without mom in person. I know she was with us in spirit but just not the same. Thanksgiving was mom's favorite holiday with christmas right behind it. Mom loved all the food we would cook, her stuffing, her mac'n'cheese homemade style with velveeta. While at my sister's, i could smell my mother's scent, as if she were there. I smiled really big when I smelled it, I knew she was there with us. We had a great time, my sister put mother's wheelchair at the head of the table and every once in while I would glance that way and i could picture her. we had fun laughing, food, cowboys and they won woohoo. Afterwards when the cleaning of everything and putting tables and chairs up, my sis was moving my mother's wheelchair to put it up in the garage it was then that I stopped what I was doing, loading my truck and looked over at my sister brushing off the wheelchair and I pictured my mother waving bye to me and I heard a faint whisper telling me it's ok. I lost it, I didn't want to but I couldn't hold back the tears. I cried hard. When we were ready to leave, me and my two sister were standing next to each other and my our big sister was between me and Mira and she hugged us, I knew right there that everything is going to be ok. I needed that hug from her, I love you!

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