Monday, February 15, 2010

My Inspiration

I called a company today to discuss a client renewal premium. While on hold the song "You're my Inspiration" happen to play on their hold music. I love Chicago and the songs they sing. I was singing along and realized that not once have I ever given thought to anyone or anything being my inspiration in life.

Many kids in school are asked to write an essay at some point as as assignment asking "Who inspires you?" I watch Ugly Betty without missing an episode. Yes I read her blog on their website ( I use to feel how Betty used to dress. Confused, mixed thoughts, didn't know where my life would go. Just the other day, I was thinking to myself and I realized that I never thought I would have a career so to say.

My first job was at McDonalds, making $3.25 an hour and going to high school. I worked for McD's for about 5 years, worked for Ace Cash Express, Print shop, North Texas Food Bank, Albertsons, Sears Portrait Studio, Construction, Fiesta, Cocktail waitress, office manager and Insurance agent.

Insurance is the one that stuck without looking for it. I just happen to pick up on it, researched, learned, and appreciated the fact that I worked with helping people understand a very important product to protect their investments in their lives.

During all the jobs I've had, I raised three children. At times I worked two jobs. I have been blessed for the past 15 years I have only had to work one job to make ends meet while raising my children. There were some very rough bumps along that road. But I made it and I admit there were several people who I have to thank that reached out a hand to help me cross those bumps. My sisters are two of them. One more than the other (not afraid to say it). Three sisters, I'm the middle. Daniela, my older sister helped by putting up with my kids while I worked. Of course mom taught me that if I could pay a total stranger to watch my kids then I could pay family, so I paid my sister and mother to babysit my children while I worked. She loved them in her own strange ways. Victoria was her Monkey LOL, I can't quite remember what she use to call Gabriel or Michael.

Mom of course was always there to lend a helping hand. But Mom and Daniela did inspire me. The fact that they didn't make it easy for me by watching my children as a 'favor' or mom didn't let me live in her apartment rent free is inspiration enough to make myself say "I can do this".

I see Ugly Betty and it inspires me as well. That no matter what people think of you or say, do you own thing. As long as you are happy with yourself then the heck with everyone else. :P Mom use to say the same thing but I never did listen but seeing it with my own eyes it hit me. Betty dresses to her liking not everyone elses, she does what she likes and eats what she likes.

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