Friday, February 12, 2010

Like mother like daughter

My sister is in the hospital to have a huge abcess removed. I have been bugging her to go to the ER to have it looked at but just like my mother did when she refused to go get her foot checked out, my sister kept refusing or making faces. Again, I feel a bit of guilt as I did with my mother. I am able to make them go by calling an ambulance and putting them on the spot that way but I don't because I'm afraid of what my sister my say to me or rather maybe not even speak to me.

Well, surgery was done to remove the infection and she was told that they would have to do surgery again in a couple of days to remove the remainder of it. WHAT?? yep apparently too much to remove in one shot. See if my sister had gone when I suggested or rather urged her to, she wouldn't be suffering as much right now. What makes it even worse is her being diabetic. Yep, just like mom she is diabetic.

So when it comes to any of us three being like mom, well I think we are all like her in one way or another but I think D takes the biggest part of refusing medical attention.

I pray that she heals, I pray that when she feels the least bit sick or sees the need to be seen by a doctor that she take one look at her daughter and says to herself, if for no one else I'm going and do it.

I know that this post may cause her to be upset with me but I'm glad she finally went and next time I think I'll just put her thru the embarrassment of calling an ambulance because i rather she be mad at me than not have her here at all.

I'm not ready to lose a sister and my big sister at that. :) I love you!!


bettycd said...

good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for your sister. It is classic for mother's to push everyone else to the Dr to get the right care and then not bother with their own. Sometimes you have to step up and insist. Considering Daniela needs 2 operations to resolve the issue, she must understand that it was time to seek help. Diabetics don't always have the luxury of waiting a bit

Terry said...

Please let Daniela know that she has far-away friends keeping her in their thoughts & prayers.

Beli said...

Thanks I appreicate your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you updated as time goes. as of this post, pict line inserted to begin temp dialysis in a.m.

jessilynn said...

Thank you for posting about Daniela, Beli. Any updates since the 15th? She has been our online friend for years at Red Hot Sweeps and we all care for her deeply. I will definately be praying and I only wish I would have seen this sooner. When you see this Daniela - > Get well soon and lots of love! Sounds like you have a wonderful sis! :)

PS to Beli - We have a thread started for Daniela over at RHSS

Toystory said...

When you see her, or talk to her will you tell her her RHSS family is praying for her. Speedy recovery - my friend. Toystory

Beli said...

I will indeed let her know that her internet circle of friend are praying for her.
Thanks to everyone.
As of today she had temp dialysis and she said she was tired and felt drained.