Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 2010

Well, my year of 2009 ended with family and 2010 began with family. Is there any other way to start? January has been a full month for me. We entered new year at my house and my daughter had some friends over for a sleepover so they could wish her a happy birthday at midnight. She chose a snickers cake and rec'd presents that only she could appreciate. Like a jar of dirt, monster drink, wristband that says I love zombies. yep that's my daughter, she rec'd a mp3 player and a brand new casio keyboard with a stand.

On Friday the 1st she went with her dad for the weekend and me and my sisters had breakfast, again at my house. headed over to a thrift store to see what we could find. Later me and Mira headed to the casino in Okie. No luck but had fun.

During the two weeks that followed, I had alot to get done in time for Tobi's 15th birthday party which was on Jan 16th. There were decorations to buy, cake to pay, and centerpieces to make. I finally decided on centerpieces after much looking around and trying to think of something to put together. So I bought all the decorations and had everything done.

Well, the big day arrived and I was up at the crack of dawn, loaded my truck with all the stuff i needed for her party, decorations, centerpieces, all my 'banquet' untensils, coolers. Headed to my first stop, pick up the cake by 9am.

Why did it not surprise me that the first thing of the day and it didn't turn out the way it should have. The cake I ordered and the cake I was looking at were different and by that I mean in size. So I explain to the lady and she fixed me up with a 1/4 sheet cake right away so that I could have enough for everyone. I got the cake at Lakeview Bakery in Rowlett on hwy 66. Good job on the cake!

Next, headed over the the Days Inn in Mesquite to decorate the dance hall. Tobi's stepmother and sister were going to meet me there to help me out. Well, next upset was that Sonny the manager had told me not to worry about tablecloths he would provide them. I'm like ok where are my tablecovers? He says no I said to bring your own and I'm like no and the look on my face showed that I can cancel this and move it fast. So he piped up, I'll give you some money and you can go buy them and just bring me the receipt. FAIR

I wanted to finish everything by 2pm so I could get home and cook the food for the party, pasta and garlic toast. Got home, sister Daniela, arrive shortly after and helped me make the toast. I think we made like 8 or 9 loaves of bread LOL. Made the pasta penne and rotini with some ground meat mixed in with sauce. I noticed that I wouldn't finish cooking all the pasta by 5 so headed next door to ask my cousin to cook a pot of pasta for me, whew what a life saver. We finished and i jumped in shower.

the invitation said 6pm and i was jumping in shower at 5! Finally arrived at 6:05, DJ was set up, people had already arrived too. Set up food table and everything went smoothly.

My daughter looked so beautiful. I have never seen her look more beautiful than she did that night. What I think every daughter should have is a daddy daughter dance and she got hers :)Thanks to my sister, Daniela and her husband Gabino, I have pictures to look back on and a video :)

She had a head table with 14 of her friends to accompany her. All of her friends are so awesome. They all had a blast on the dance floor too.

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