Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pics say a 1000 words

My boss has a 3 yr old son who in Dec of '08 was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In April a MRI confirmed it had cleared. In July another MRI showed 3 new spots on the brain and a few days later he was rushed to ER. A CAT and another MRI confirm the worst fears, the cancer had returned.

I have been sitting at my desk everyday praying for him, his family and trying to concentrate on my work. I can't imagine what this family is going thru. I saw little Nate just last week here at the office zooming down the hall with his new walker :)

This morning I arrived at work with an email from Wes. It contained a link to a slideshow of his children and I honestly don't know if I can work today from the crying just from watching this. I hope you see what I see, 3 handsome boys who are living life to the fullest knowing what lurks ahead.

ipray for little nate

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