Monday, July 13, 2009


This weekend was my Aunt Ramona's brithday party and my turn to host Sunday Family dinner.

To catch up a bit, I am now a single woman again. :( :) Yes I'm somewhat upset over the fact but at the same time happy because I rather be single than put up with some man and his bullshit and stupidty. I refuse to have a man in my life who doesn't understand the meaning of respect for himself, me and others.

Anyway, Friday I was invited out with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, lo and behold, he was there. As I was walking to the bathroom, I saw him coming out but he didn't see me. Later as we're walking to the bar, he is walking the opposite direction and notices me with my friends. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Well, I guess he didn't like the idea of me being there and left. OH well!

Saturday, I helped my cousin clean and decorate for my aunt's party. My aunt was taking a nap in her bedroom when she called for Juanita and said she wanted to come into the living room. Juanita had her thinking that no one was coming over til Sunday and when when she came into the living room, she was surprised by all the decorations. They had such a good turnout and the Mariachis were really good (and cute).

I left that party about 7pm, showered (again) and headed to my friends party invite. There was a ranch to be blessed by the Priest and afterwards food, and live band. It was really nice and something different. Got home about 10, ate a bit and off to bed.

Sunday, woke up, helped Sabrina move, again. She moved in with a married couple who she's known. Erica got that bedroom and Michael is now back at home. :)

I cleaned my house from top to bottom, literally! Got the chicken in the oven and made homemade flour tortillas, rice and just as the rice finished my sisters show up :)

My sister D, actually showed up on time. LOL too funny, she says that she wants it to rain. Just might :)

Carmen showed up too, I see her as part of our family she's known us for 20 years if not more.

Everyone left about 9pm, got my house to myself, popped in a movie and just sat back to relax, didn't last for long here comes Michael knocking on the door at about 9:50.

I love it when I can spend my entire weekend with family. It makes me so happy to see their smiles and hear them laugh. God is good!

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