Monday, June 22, 2009

Fab's Baptism

I have officially attended my first ever church service baptism, well other than my own. My grandson, Fabian was baptized Sunday.

He had on his white tux with cumberbun and all. He is just so precious. I was not in attendance when he was born nor was my son. Perla's family at the time had some issues with Michael and with me as well but because of Michael. When the baby was born, mom was in the hospital so things were crazy. Well Fabian was actually born a mth early and doctors didn't know if he was going to make it. I thank God every day for this precious miracle.

One of my prayers to God each night since my oldest was born is that he allows me the time to meet my grandchildren from each child of mine. I would love more than anything to watch them grown into young men. I'm know I'm young enough but you know the saying "when He's ready to call you home, you go"

God is Good!

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