Friday, June 26, 2009

Country Folk

Working out in the country has made me open my eyes. I eat lunch at several different area restaurants and visit the gas stations and convenience stores and not once have I ever been treated less than friendly.

I have come to realize that my dream of living in the country is even more important to me than ever. When I compare the city restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores I see that the city locations are all too busy to attend to you or carry their personal problems with them or have attitudes I just don't care to deal with. In the country and by this I mean Rockwall, TX, everyone says good morning, hello, how is your day going. I visit a gas station every morning to get my daily paper and the young man there knows me by name now and knows what I like to drink, read and eat. My usual routine is a DMN paper, Dr Pepper or Big Red, and a $5 lottery scratch off. He'll point out the new ones and also will comment if I don't get anything but a paper things like, No DP today? or Got some big red's on ice for you. I love the way I'm treated!

As much as I have complained in the city stores I patronize, I have yet to complain in any store here since I started my employment in the area.

the Country is for me!

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